Sunday, March 27, 2005

50 mile training run..done

Happy Easter!!

My 50 mile training run went off without a hitch. I can't believe how far I have come. It used to be that a marathon caused me to limp for a week. Now I can pull off a 50 and go for a 10 the following day; as I did today.

I increased my carbs to 160 g on Friday; up from my LL normal of 125. I had Cream of Wheat before bed and a big sandwich at lunch. Saturday pre run I had 3/4 c of oats and ate 2 Myoplex bars (1/3 each hour) and 1 1/2 roast beef sandwiches and 1 apple during the run. Post run was a large bowl of cream of wheat. I felt awesome during the whole run. No pain, fatigue at 8 hours, run lasted 10 hours.

What is very interesting to me, is that for the past 3 years that I've been running ultra's I am ALWAYS up 6-10 pounds post run. Now, I emailed Coach Dave Greenwalt and expressed my concerns regarding being up again today. I have always always always attributed this to the fact that I carbo load for a few days prior (50-100K distance races)and take salt/potassium caps during the run, and of course pretty much do a free day extravaganza of 4000 calories post run. Well, this post run..drumroll..I maintained my 9.5 pound loss. I'm stunned. How could I have had my head in the sand, in denial for so long? No, Julie, it wasn't only the carbs during the run and the salt caps. It's that you feel you can consume ANYTHING and deserve ANYTHING because you just ran 32-75 miles. Yes, the day following a long run I'm thinking to myself all day long 'I can have this, I just ran so long, I had to have burned 5000 calories' but don't realize how much I'm stuffing into my face. What a wake up call LL is.

I'm anxious to begin Leanness Lifestyle Bootcamp Intensive II; I can't wait!! I have struggled for so long, thinking my metabolism is just a dud, just broke, that I must have ruined it from starving myself years ago and this long distance running. It's not that. It's that I just can't eat many many carbs; as many other runners can and that I need to make other choices. I am finally choosing to make better choices for me.

That's an empowering feeling. I'm FINALLY being honest with myself. Peeling away the layers and feeling my emotions, getting to know who I am. Wouldn't one think you would know yourself after 40 years?

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