Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Superior Trail 50K

The race was a complete blast. It is amazing to me how my body has adapted over the past three years. A 50K used to put me out for at least a week, and a 50K on the Superior Hiking Trail is the toughest of all. Well, not as tough as the 50 Mile in September, but tough as far as 50K's go.

We took our time heading up north. We stopped at Gooseberry Falls to hike for a few hours, the stopped at the Temperance River to hike another hour. I just love the Temperance River State Park. I took some pictures of the waterfalls and will post them tonight.

We arrived to Caribou Highlands around 4. Packet pick up was from 5-7 with a pasta dinner, etc. The boys and I swam for a few hours before tucking in for the night.

The weather forecast was rain, cool rain. Well, that didn't hold true. It was a beautiful day. Sunny, mid 50's, dry. The trail was very wet and muddy in spots-ankle deep mud-but most of it was dry. There were so many beautiful cow slips, bleeding hearts and violets. The fragrance from these flowers was amazing.

I and Ann hit the turnaround (16 miles) in 3:30. I had anticipated a 7:45 finish and was now thinking I might be able to make 7 hours. I need to set higher goals.

I came into the finish at 7:09. What a great day.

I went for a run Sunday and Monday..nothing hurts-I didn't even get a blister. Amazing.

Results should be posted soon at www.superiortrailrace.com

On the weight loss front: I've been maintaining. I added 1-2 carb meals in last week for this race and the losses stopped right there. Even though I kept the calories the same, but replaced some of the veggie carbs with whole grains..bam..stopped dead in its tracks. As I recover from this race I'll take away a carb meal and see if the scale begins to budge on downward.

All calories are NOT created equal, are they..

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