Thursday, September 08, 2005

Over and Out

I feel like a puffer fish. In preparation for the Superior Trail 50 Mile Race on Saturday I have been eating a few more carbs than usual. I usually eat approximately 130 grams of carb/150 grams of protein and 30 grams of fat each day.

Today I have consumed 250 grams of carb; tomorrow will be about the same and during the race I will eat as many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches during the race that I can. I have learned that I need to eat as much as I can as early as I can. I have found that 1/4 of a pb&j, a 1/2 banana and 20 oz of water/hammer heed every aid station does wonders. There is one section of the race that has 8 miles in between aid stations. I do carry 2 24oz bottles in my waist pack and always drain both during that stretch. I carry Myloplex bars and Clif Shot if needed.

After 8 hours my appetite is way off and I can barely stomach anything. That's why I eat early and often.

I also take one Succeed cap (salt/electrolyte/potassium) each hour.

I have two drop bags planned. I usually don't use drop bags but I'll begin the race in the dark so I'll have to carry a hand held flashlight. I'll drop that off at an early aid station in one of my bags. I'll then have my head lamp in a later aid station in a drop bag in case it gets dark..oh I so hope it doesn't..on the way to the finish. Last year I became lost and finished in 17 hours. It was such a bitch. It was so damn hard. I didn't have any lights and had to sit around for an HOUR waiting for some other runners to help me out. Thankfully, Bob and Chris were very experienced ultra runners, had a spare light for me, and we all finished together. I was just damn lucky they were still out there running.

Two years ago I finished in 14 hours. I'm hoping to finish this year in 13. We'll see.

Tomorrow morning after the boys board the school bus I'll be on my way to the beautiful Lutsen, MN to hit the Superior Hiking Trail. I can't wait!

Over and Out..


Anonymous said...

Have fun with your race. I hope you are not running alone in the darkness. If so, you are courageous, I'll guess I'll be pretty chicken running alone.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck out there navigating the trails!!

Your nutrition plan sounds like a winner.

:) said...

I am in total awe of you. Good, no great luck on your ULTRA!!!


Tracy said...

Just wow - you're incredible. Have a great race!!! I'll be thinking about you on my measley 10 miles :)

Jen said...

I can't believe it is the Superior 50M again. It seems like you just ran it but it has been a year. I bet you come in under 12hours. You have much better conditioning than you know. You go get your prize 'cause you win.