Saturday, October 01, 2005


This morning I wasn't going to run. I really wasn't. I was going to take a day off. But when I woke up it was 55 degrees out; a beautiful morning, we won't be having many more mornings like this in Minnesota..for a long long time.

What's a gal to do?

I had until 930 before I had to be home to do the football goings-on. I grabbed my running clothes and I and Topaz were out the door and driving to the trail.

It was a fabulous 3 mile run. Short and sweet. I didn't feel like a beached whale; I felt sharp and focused. Just what I needed.

Off to the football game where Troy's team won 25-6. Yippee!

I and Marie were off to the Twin Cities Marathon Expo. Neither I nor Marie are big shoppers. We just kind of mill around, aisle after aisle-looking for the free stuff. Today I came home with many free items, even Fresca pop. 6 cans! Unreal. Plus Listermint strips (do runners have bad breath?), chapsticks, cereal samples and a whole lot of unimportant flyers and papers that I tossed out.

Oh yeah, and a Clif Pace Team 3:45 wrist band..gulp.

I decided not to try immodium since I haven't tried it in training. I'm going to try something else. I and Ann aren't leaving until 6 AM so I have plenty of time to go for a little pre-run, a warmer upper of sorts. I'll hop on my treadmill for a mile or so..then I'll have to go..for happens every time.

The forecast for tomorrow is 65F start time and 86F for a high. My kind of running temps. I much rather have warm than cool and rainy.

If you are out on the course tomorrow I'll have on black shorts, pink sleeveless top-that may be tied around my waist showing a multi pink/black jog bra, white/purple Montrail "Run Like A Girl" hat. Number 3980. I hope to see you!

Over and out...


brent said...

thanks for the luck. good luck to you too (is this seriously #20? woah!) should be a good time!!

Whitney said...

Hi. I've been searching for marathon blogging. Weren't you peeved about the $10 parking at Rivercenter? Anyway, best wishes! Looks like a warm run, but a beautiful day!