Sunday, March 26, 2006

No Problem, Man

Or, I suppose it is Mon. I hear that phrase over and over again in Jamaica. It has to be the country phrase. "No Problem, Mon" and there is no problem.

Jamaica was again, simply paradise. We stayed at Beaches Negril, in Negril, Jamaica. It is located right on the Seven Mile Beach. It is white sand for as long as you can see. It is simply awesome.

I ran along the beach each day for 7 miles at least..sometimes I headed out for an evening run to watch the sunset as Steve and the boys walked along. It was paradise.

The food was fabulous. I ate more fresh asparagus, beans, tomato, cantalope,watermelon, pineapple and other fruits and veggies than I can even list. Everything is prepared with minimal oil; they don't add whipping cream to fruit salads; just a bit of walnut, golden raisin and chopped up apple is wonderful. We had grilled prawns, halibut, snapper, lobster, jamaican goat, jerk chicken, jerk pork, jerk beef; zillions of wonderful choices for each meal.

Steve drank the Red Strip Beer; I and the boys had Mickey Mouses, Pina Colada, Sweet Sixteen and Strawberry Daquari. There were 27 non-alcoholic cold fruit drinks to choose from. Splendid.

The boys loved the self serve ice cream cone maker on the beach. It was inclusive; eat 24-7.

And I lost 3 pounds! With all of the wonderful choices I didn't feel the need to stuff myself with the cakes and pies available.

We snorkeled, parasailed, kayaked, river rafted and went cliff diving. Crazy.

It's good to be home though.

This morning I and Topaz headed out for the trail for a run. The snow is just about gone. I think Spring may have arrived.

McNaughton is 3 weeks out. I guess my training is in the bank. I'll run a marathon or 50K out at Zumbro River Bottoms next Saturday and then cut back again on mileage. Before I know it, Pekin, we come!


Sheila said...

You ROCK!!! Isn't it great to go someplace and eat healthy and enjoy the weather, the culture, everything, AND lose weight at the same time? Personally, I don't know how a person can be overweight in places like Jamaica or Hawaii (my personal fav). That had to be a good break for you, and you are right--your training is in the bank, you are going to do FANTASTIC!!!

William said...

Glad you had a fun time. Sounds healthy! I never thought about the possibility of losing weight while at and all inclusive!

jessie_tri_mn said...

Welcome home, glad you had a fun time!

Losing weight on vacation, amazing :)

But with all those fruits and veggies, I suppose it works.

Eventually we'll have quality fresh fruit around here again. I for one am getting pretty tired of winter fruit!

marathonP said...

Welcome back Julie. Best of luck with McNaughton coming soon. I got my old training partner Carl to join me in training for the Catalina 50. He's never done an ultra, but he's done half ironman, and is a great outdoorsman. Feels good to have a partner in this.

I have to do 28 Saturday. Gulp...

:) phil