Monday, May 29, 2006

Pool Season!

The heat wave continues in all of her sultry splendor. Another record breaker; 95F and sunny. Yeah.

Today I hit the trail solo. I came upon a family of Sand Hill Cranes. They are such an odd bird. They look almost prehistoric; with a huge body and a long gangly neck. As they walk they strut and the head bobs back and forth. The head of Mom and Dad were up past my waist. The little babies were not even knee high. There were 8 of them and they surely didn't like me coming across 'their' field. They were making a huge ruckus. I ran quickly past so that I wouldn't frighten them more than necessary. I didn't have my camera today. Bummer. I left it attached to my double water pack.

Today I used the single bottle carrier that I will probably use at FANS. I also wore the clothing that I will probably wear. Yesterday, at Afton, I was having shorts issues. Yeah, my shorts were climbing up my butt and it was NOT a good thing. I had to pull them down constantly. The person in back of me assured me it was OK that my jiggly butt was hanging out but I knew better. He was probably gagging. Today's clothing was much more comfortable. I'm going to try out a handheld tomorrow. I should have tried one yesterday but didn't think of it until I saw John running with his.

I ran 10 miles today. The bugs were horrendous. Mosquitoes and deer flies; they have definitely hatched and are out rampant. After 5 miles I stopped at my car to re-spray.

I bought Topaz a little present yesterday. A new swimming pool. His old one was full of holes that I kept plugging up with ear plugs and there was gross green algae growing thicker than a person should allow. He hopped out of the truck after his ride from Lake Vermilion and popped into his pool.

I cleaned out the people pool as well. As soon as I did Tyler called 5 14 year old boys over. Oh man. Those boys are really getting big. Seems like yesterday they were coming over when they were 6. Time flies. They ate me out of house and home. 30 hot dogs on the grill, 4 bags of chips and a case of pop before the mothers' came to pick them up.

After they left I and Troy went for a swim.

It's pool season!


marthonP said...

Julie, you are ripped girl. Way to go. My 16 year old daughter Alexis and her 2 best buds are coming over for a pool party/sleep-over all next weekend. Should be madness. I call them my triplets because they've hung together since second grade, and they all call me Papa. Man, time does fly, but hey, we are fit and right there in the pool with them. Too cool!!!! They love my running and always talk about how I do things the other parents don't do...and I know your boys feel the same way...and then some.

Staying fit and active, and trying new things, reaching higher and setting new goals. What a gift. What happiness. What a life solution!

Good luck getting ready for FANS Julie.

:) phil

William said...

Yes, good luck with FANS Julie.

And I agree, you are ripped!!! Lean mean fighting machine.

I love the pic with Topaz in the pool.

Cliff said...

30 hot dogs on the grill.sounds GOOD> on diet :)

olga said...

Best of luck at FANS 24!! And great job on your trail races! Grand Slam has nothing on you:)

marathonP said...

Good luck at FANS Julie. We're with ya.


Ellie said...

Awesome, seeing those cranes. What a privilege, eh? In the last month my wildlife sightings on the run or bike have included a gorgeous male scarlet tanager, a pileated woodpecker, a wild hen turkey, and several white-tail does with spotted fawns. A couple years ago I saw a black bear female with 4 (count 'em, four) cubs crossing the road. I decided I had reached my turnaround point right then...