Saturday, December 30, 2006

42 Miles for 42 Years

Happy Birthday to Me!

I planned a perfect way to spend the day: on the trail, running 42 miles.

I arranged for the boys to be picked up early by my sister to head to the water park for the day. Steve was going to pick up my car at the trail to have my remote starter installed. I was planning on finishing up by 1 PM, time to shower, grocery shop and get the boys hair cuts upon their return. I let my family know my wish for today was to run long and to spend the night watching movies. What a great birthday!

Cooler was packed with apples, bananas, grapes, cheese, Subway sandwich; I had lots of HEED and water; gels, dry gloves and socks.

At 4AM Topaz and I were ready to roll. The trail was wet, not even icy. At 4 AM it was already 37F outside. Crazy. Cloudy, so very dark. I had my headlamp and a hand held flashlight, spare batteries.

It was so quiet out there, quiet and extremely dark. Topaz is freaky over lights; he kept on trying to herd up my beam. Good grief! He is skittish and the dark shadows freaked him out more than once. I was quite amused while I watching him.

The hours ticked 9 AM I headed out to my car and caught Steve as he was ready to leave for the shop with it. I talked him into walking a loop with me. How could he refuse? I am out there running 42, it is my birthday, all I want is for him to walk a loop with me..he did, and he enjoyed it too. Or, at least he wouldn't let on that he wasn't having a nice walk. He couldn't imagine how I could actually want to go any further, but that is one of the differences between he and I. The more I go, the more I want to go.

I piled all of my stuff from my car to his truck and then refueled and made sure Topaz took in some calories and water. We were all set for a few more hours of running.

I spent all day out there and never saw ONE other person! I am surprised that there aren't many others who use the trail, but I am sure grateful that it is quite private. Of course it began to rain quiet heavily..yeah..rain on December that probably was a deterrent for many.

We finished running right on schedule; no aches or pains, no Advil necessary. I consumed a whole Subway during the day, an apple, banana, a few gels and lots of HEED.

Home to shower and get groceries before the boys and Steve arrived home. After they arrived we fit in the hair cuts, had dinner and then it was movie time. We watched a few episodes of 24 (I bought Tyler the first 4 seasons for his Bday), Mission Impossible III and Super Size Me.

What a great day.

It's now 43 F at 10PM; it is raining cats and dogs out. Tomorrow I'm meeting some friends am the Murph for 20.07 miles of running trails. I better get to bed.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Julie!

Anonymous said...

How funny, my Donkey tries to herd everything - including my runner friends.

Happy Birthday Julie!

Anonymous said...

Awesome day, happy birthday, Julie! I am amazed Topaz runs so long, and you are lucky to have such a committed partner.
Happy New Year too!!

marathonP said...

Happy Birthday Julie. Sounds delightful.


Anonymous said...


Happy belated birthday!!



Cathy said...

Happy Birthdyay & Happy New Year.

Lora said...

A very happy belated birthday to you!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday (belated)! You accomplished quite a bit in 2006. Did Topaz run all 42 miles with you? He should be called Topaz the Wonder Dog, running with Julie the Wonder Woman.

You continue to be inspirational to me. I am sure your 2007 will be fantastic!