Friday, March 02, 2007

Snow. City.

Today is day 2 of Snow Days. Yup, no school yesterday and no school today. Yippee!! I don't recall the last time we received two snow days in a row. We are enjoying it.

We have received all of our winter snow in a week. Last week it as a storm of 15" and from Wednesday night to today - it's still snowing - we are at about 20". It's crazy.

Yesterday I couldn't get out of the driveway. I ran on the treadmill for 90 minutes at 80% heart rate. I was surprised at the sweat pouring off of me as it wasn't a hard effort. Felt good.

Yesterday I shovelled my decking, sidewalks, etc. and today went out and did it all over again. Steve plowed the driveway with the 4 wheeler last night upon returning from work. Today I decided I'd give it a try. Tyler showed my how (how in the world does he know-he's never plowed the driveway?) and I was on my way. Two hours later I had it cleared. Man, it takes forever and I became cold sitting on the 4 wheeler. I didn't get it as 'neat as a pin' as Steve does, but at least he won't have to work on it for hours upon returning home from work. I was becoming bored outside.

Before shoveling and plowing, Topaz and I took an hour snow shoe run around the neighborhood. The roads weren't plowed yet, a few people had cleared snow in front of their driveways but mostly it was deep deep deep. Lots of fun! Today is a cross training day. I will head over to the gym later this afternoon for an elliptical, step and weight workout. I suppose a few hours of shovelling counts too.

Troy is a leap year baby. We will have his birthday tomorrow when his 11 year old friends arrive for sledding, bon fire and sleep over. Oh joy. I keep telling myself it is only one night a year I can do it! I will need to shovel out the fire pit and uncover some wood as well. We are REALLY snowed in! He want so have hotdogs and smores on the fire. I'll have to shovel a pathway down to the fire pit and up to the deck. Guess I better get started.


Ellie said...

I think having 11-yr-old boys for sledding, bonfire and sleepover counts as cross-training...

Cliff said...

Julie. Glad u have a 4 wheeler to deal with the snow.

Runner Susan said...

Wow. That's a wholelotta snow. Donkey keeps getting confused because one day it's 34 degrees here and the next it's 75. He prefers the cooler weather.

olga said...

Oh, may be I miss it for a bit, and it IS better than a whole lotta rain, but running in cold and snow is a challenge...but then again this is why runners from North and South are toughest ever!