Friday, April 20, 2007

Recovering Well

Not a bad toe for 5 days post race. It's better than I've ever had! Usually I'm still limping around on oozing blisters. Woohoo. Gotta love that foot potion.

Today I went to the gym for an upper body workout. Felt good, good strength, didn't lose anything. Topaz and I hit the trail for 5 miles of power walking. It felt very good to move, increase my heart rate and inhale the woods deeply.

Earlier this week I went to the gym and used the elliptical for 40 minutes; I felt some twitches of tightness but all of that seems to have vanished. Other than the blister pain, I am good to go.

As a requirement for Vermont 100, I will be volunteering at Trail Mix 50K for 8 hours tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone out there. I'm not looking forward to waking up at 4 AM again! Ah well, the weather looks absolutely beautiful and many of my friends will be out running their first race of the season. It will be an awesome day.

Eve, go get 'em girl! I'll be doing cheers for you!! I think you have the win. Eve won the 25K last year at Trail Mix, then won the 50K at Afton. Remember? Duke, Eve and John. 1-2-3. Good memories!

See you at Trail Mix!

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Ellie said...

Hi, Julie! I've been away for a few days, catching up now. That's one nice-looking toe :-) Hearing about your recovery is teaching me as much as hearing about your training and racing. On to read about your volunteer day now.