Friday, May 18, 2007

Recovery/Taper/Both at the Same Time

I'm feeling all recovered and ready to go! I've had a few nice slow runs on the soft trail, a couple workouts at the gym. Nothing hurts, no lasting fatigue. At times I can't believe I broke 10 hours and at other times I can't believe I almost let it go. I'm so thankful that I hung in there and reached my goal.

The mosquitoes have hatched. I didn't have any OFF in the car as I have been living in the frozen tundra for so long..but when I ran on Monday in the 81F nice, humid temperature I quickly remembered about mosquitoes on the trail. Sheesh. They were big and biting hard. Needless to say, the next day I had the OFF on. (good word play, hu?)

I'm picking off 30-50 woodticks from Topaz each day. The collar doesn't work and Frontline makes him vomit. I'll be glad when the ticks slow down in a few weeks. I have to laugh when co workers freak out over one or two ticks. Everyone has a different sense of what 'normal' is. Mine is warped!

I am putting together a wonderfully fun weekend for August 10-12. If you scroll down the sidebar and hit July 06 you'll see our Beta Run on the Superior Hiking Trail. It was a complete blast, so much so that I couldn't let summer pass without a Beta 2. So far 11 people have shown interest in the weekend. Maria and I are again training to run the Superior Sawtooth 100 in September. This time for the Beta we are planning a night run. We'll head out Friday PM and run to Saturday Noon or so. After our run we'll be able to enjoy the home and lake shore and the lovely sunshine and great food. Woohoo! I'm trying to talk Steve into it, hell, there is a pool table and everything! How could someone NOT want to come along? Check out this place: take the virtual tour, it has everything we could possibly need, plus some! I am SOOO excited :)

FANS is only two weeks out. The list of entrants is growing. I'm looking forward to it very much. Last year I was so afraid of FANS, after I left the previous year at 50 miles. Then last year I had a banner run at FANS, so this year I'm not afraid. I'm ready to have another year like last year. If it rains, it won't be a banner year! I love to run in the sun.

This weekend is looking relaxing. Steve is heading up to the lake; I'm going to do a lot of gardening, Troy has a baseball game tonight, Tyler has a game tomorrow so I'll be sitting in a chair enjoying the games and the sun. Olga mailed me the Zane Grey 50 Mile tape so I'll be watching that this weekend, too. (Yes, today I noticed the LINK bar up there..I'm slow..or is it blonde?) Nice way to spend the weekend. I'll get a run in at Nokomis and some time on the trail. It's all good :)

OH...and I have only a few weeks left to work before summer vacation. You know, when I wear nothing but running clothing and swimsuits for 10 weeks and run to my hearts content and become a Border Collie like Topaz? Yeah, that.


Cheryl said...

The bugs would just eat me alive if I ran on the trails like you do. Even as a kid, if there were bugs and not one other person even saw one - they were eating me alive! It is so frustrating!!!

Just wanted to let you know that I just finished baking your brownie recipe (it is cooling as I type). It smells so good that I'm just dying to try it - probably not the best thing to have two days before my race (LOL).

Have a great and relaxing weekend!


olga said...

I want your job!! :) Get a kick-time prepping for FANS, Jul!

ausomm said...

are you still doing LL i am planing on being a member i just want so tips on the web