Sunday, June 24, 2007

More Heat and Hills

Well, I made it through a second session. Now this workout is a weekly ritual. You know, once I do something more than once it is a forever.

Today was the Big Lake 8K as well. The Big Lake 8K was my first race took me over an hour to finish and I ran the whole thing. I've run every once since and was going to run today..until last week. I opted for the Buck Hill workout instead. It serves me so much better than the 8K.

AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN :) Really. It was.

Today's temperature was forecast to hit 92, but I don't think it reached 85. Still, it felt warmer, more humid and there was no breeze today. It was hard. But fun. Fun hard. Hard fun. You got it.

I pulled into the lot a bit early so I could potty and look at any other runners on the hill. I didn't see anyone else. Gee, I wonder why? Pretty soon Paul and Pierre pulled up and then right on their tail, John Storkamp and Kevin Martin! What a nice surprise. I wouldn't have been surprised if I would have heard my cell ring, but Ozzie was playing too loudly in my car and I didn't know John had called to let me know that he and Kevin would be there at 12.

You've seen both John and Kevin here. John won the Ed Fitz 100K last year, when Scott, Kevin and I ran it together. Remember, "run until they are bloody stumps", yeah, that was John's mantra. He finished and won in 8 hours. He also won the on foot division of Arrowhead 135 last year and will be crewing/pacing Pierre at Badwater this summer. Woohoo.

Kevin is the new ultra runner turned super fast. Afton 50K last year was his first, then Voyaguer in 1230, and Ice Age in 9 hours this year. Smoking!

We ran our warm up of 2.5 miles, headed back to the lot to get our water and stuff and made camp at the base of the hill. The heat was on!

I was thinking 2.5 milel run, 10 repeats, 2.5 mile run and 2-5 more repeats. I thought anything over 10 repeats was gravy, but had to do at least 12.

Awesome wicked fun.

Pierre wasn't feeling so hot. He had a bad cold and a sore leg. He had just gone through a session of acupuncture this morning. He has been having trouble with this leg for two years now. Imagine what he could do with two healthy legs?

I told Paul that I was pretty stiff and sore this past week. I had made the mistake of running hard on Monday, as I felt pretty good. Tuesday I ran, tired, finally Wednesday I took off and was feeling better on Thursday. Tomorrow I am planning on biking and lifting, no running, or so she says so now..

Pierre didn't think he'd made it for 10, he was feeling pretty bad, the cold left him no energy. But, tough dog that he is, he sucked it up and did 12 repeats anyway!

Paul, Kevin and John were completing their repeats pretty quickly, they were at least 2 ahead of me most of the day. Paul headed off for his 2.5 run after 10 repeats and Kevin and John were going to stick around for me to finish two more. I told them to go ahead, I was fine. I did two more, wondered if I'd ever be able to do another repeat again and headed out for the 2.5 miles. It wasn't as horrible as last week. The 2.5 was a welcome diversion from the 10 repeats.

Back to the hill, I eeked out two more and called it a day! Pierre and I finished at 12, Paul at 14 and Kevin and John at 15. This was their first session, too. Sheesh again.

It was so much fun to have all the company during the workout. Granted, I can't carry a conversation as I'm climbing the hill, I'm sucking wind, but still, it was nice to nod and give a thumbs up as we went by one another. Except for John. He could converse the whole way. I could hear his voice carry in the wind when he was 1/2 a hill ahead of me. Wow.

We grabbed our supplies and headed out to the lot. I was ecstatic to have completed 12 hill repeats. Paul and Pierre had to leave quickly but Kevin, John and me were able to hang out, visit and take pictures for a while!

I had a great time, thanks guys! Next week it's 14 (maybe even 15).

Tomorrow I'll post the pictures. I'm tired.


Anonymous said...

Um, I just gotta say Julie, that John is smokin' hot! You are definitely hanging with the 'right' crowd. I have envy...LOL

Olga said...

Wow, awesome hill work! And yes, this dude is HOT!:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie,

John told me you took pictures of your day of fun on the hills so I had to check them out.
Yes, my husband is hot.
That's funny.
Run on with your bad self you super star!!!!!

Julie B said...

It is funny, but, I'm glad YOU, Cheri, think so too! I wasn't expecting comments on John's 'hotness'. He'll like it :)

sherpajohn said...

Heat = CHECK
Hills = CHECK

Humidity = ???

Good work... 23 days to go!