Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Off to Vermont 100 Mile Trail Run :)

I'm getting antsy. Yesterday was a day off, completely, not even a measly bike ride or trip to the gym. The boys each grabbed a friend and we spent the day at the Bunker Beach Water Park. It was a great day to be there; hot and sunny. I love water parks, but it was nice to come back home to my quiet clean pool!

Today was 40 minutes of easy running and I'll stretch. I sipped a bottle of HEED to get the hydration/carb stores going. I'll stretch, get a massage, take it E A S Y and pack.

I haven't quite yet begun the process of packing. I do know what I'm bringing along. I have printed out the aid station sheet. Looks like I'll pack three drop bags; one I can use twice at Camp 10 Bear. We must go through it 2x. That's convenient. All I really need is foot lube, my potion that Juli Aistars referred to in Ultra Running. I smiled when I read "Julie Berg's foot potion". I had been conversing back and forth with her before Transcendence and told her about the potion. She was awesome on the Transcendence Races and didn't have a blister in part due to the potion. OK, back to packing. OK, foot lube at the 4 stops, lights at the night one with a long sleeved shirt, advil/electrolytes in each, clean socks in each and Hammer Gel Espresso in each. That's all I need. I've become quite self-sufficient. At Superior 100 I packed way too much stuff in my drop bags. Not this time.

It's taken more time getting the family ready that it will for me to get ready. I've cooked them super meals that are in the fridge/freezer, I've washed their clothing, I've grocery shopped for them and lined up their rides to football, guitar lessons and 101 other things. They are ready, now I'll get ready.

I'll leave here tomorrow AM around 345 to reach Tom and Nancy's. We'll hook up with Alicia at the airport. This is Alicia's first 100 (GO ALICIA!), Tom is pacing her and Nancy is crewing for her. Our flight to Boston leaves at 8, then we'll rent a car to drive to Woodstock, VT. I'm sure looking forward to it. We traveled and stayed together at Ice Age this past May and had a blast. I have never flown into a race before, I'm very excited.

I'm a bit worried about food. I'll spin a shake to drink on the way, Cherry Garcia of course (banana, yogurt, choc. protein powder, baking choc. splenda), and will pack yogurt and cottage cheese, frozen berries to eat on the plane. I'll bring along my huge coach fabric bag that is very light, but huge and if I pack a target plastic in there with a blue freeze bag and a ziploc of a couple of my chicken IV salads (chicken breast, spinach, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, feta, olive oil) I should be all set for Breakfast 2 and Lunch 1 and 2. I don't know what I'll do about food when I arrive. I'd like to pack up a brown rice/veggie/chicken meal and bring it along. Maybe I will. It wouldn't take up much space. I'm sure there isn't a huge CUB foods sitting in Woodstock VT for me to browse. Maybe there is. I'll check online!

Well goals..really, I just want to finish. I don't know what to expect here. Not a clue. Some say very runnable, irritating gravel roads; some say tough, quad thrashing hills, some complain of black flies and others never noticed the flies. I am just going to run and enjoy. I'll carry my small camera in my vest, take pictures, enjoy the sights. I'm thinking 28 hours shouldn't be a problem and less than that is frosting on the cake.

OK, over and out..I'll be home Monday PM with a report and pics I'm sure :)


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...


with you all the way..
go, go, go and trust:)


Julie B said...

Thank you LISA! I have your training for Sat/Sun all printed off, shrunk and laminated! It's a GO! Thanks for the training and the belief. YOU have an awesome run in BADWATER; I know you will!

Ironayla said...

Good luck!

Olga said...

28 hrs? Don't EVER underestimate yourself! I am looking for a solid buckle from you here, lady! Hope you got my email. Enjoy the ride!!!

Tim Looney said...

I'll be cheering for you Julie! I hope to run Vermont some day. Maybe next year if I don't get picked for WS.

You will do well.

judi ~ said...

Best of luck, Julie! Be cautious and have a back up plan for the food, though. The airlines are often funny about letting you take anything on the plane that you didn't purchase AFTER clearing security. They went so far as to confiscate (seriously!) a diet coke I'd purchased at a store outside the security clearance and then when I tried to go through, they made me dump it out. blah.. that'll teach me to drink diet coke! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeh, you better check with the airport about the food, you want to bring with you on the airplane.
I would hate for you to have to dump all the food and or drinks you have in your carry on?

Anonymous said...

Good luck Julie!!!

I'm looking forward to one of your outstanding race reports!

Heidi Swift said...

Good luck - go kill it!
Can't wait for reports.

Anonymous said...

Lost your email address, but found your blog. It was great seeing you at Vermont. Congratulations on a great finish! Amy saw you at 47 and said you looked strong. The course is tougher and longer than it has been in years past and your time was really solid. Hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did. Hope to see you at future hundreds,