Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Little Champ

Today was Troy's football Championship Game. The big one, the game that the whole season boiled down to.

His team, the Big Lake Blue Lightning, they decided to call themselves, won each and every regular season game. Then they went into the playoffs as first seed, every playoff game..they won too. Incredible. Just incredible.

Last night some of the football Moms got together to make banners for the game today. We decorated them, decorated cars, it was a blast.

Today was the game. A beautiful day, sunny, light breeze. The Championship Game.

Rock on Blue Lightning! They won 20-6. They won every game of the season, only having had three touchdowns scored upon them during the whole season.

Congratulations Blue Lightning!!

I've seen Troy develop a confidence within himself that wasn't quite there before. He holds his head a bit higher, he doesn't seem quite as unsure of himself. Working hard and watching his own level of endurance and progress has been beneficial for him.

I know that feeling. I'm glad Troy does, too.

Before the game, Topaz and I headed off for 15 miles at the trail. I was going to run 10, but man, the Rogers Boys Cross Country Team showed up at 900 as I was refueling at my car. They noticed my Twin Cities Marathon shirt, we began talking, and before I knew it, I was running another loop with them. They kicked my ass. Topaz loved running with the fast boys. Well, so did I!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Proud Mamma! That is fun! Isn't it great to watch a kid like that come into their own? It's almost indescribable!