Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mile Repeats

I have spring fever. As much as I am trying so very hard not to absolutely hate winter, I still don't like it very much. I run outside everyday, I run upon trails, road, snowshoes, the season doesn't matter. -40F oh well, get out and do it anyway. I try ice fishing now and again, but don't really care for it. I have taken up snowboarding with my boys. This is the first winter than I haven't gained 10 or more pounds and found myself very depressed. With all the upheavel I have had going on this winter, thankfully I am not depressed or fat, as usual. It could have been more of a nightmare had I been fat and depressed because of my weight.

Back to spring fever. Today I decided to run mile repeats. I realized this past weekend that McNaughton 100 is closing in on me so I pulled out last years training and saw that I had begun to run mile repeats in February. Well, February it is.

There is a 3 mile stretch of asphalt near my home, relatively flat and straight. I measured out 1 mile and placed a branch near each end. After work today Topaz and I ran an easy three mile warmup around the neighborhood, as we were practically attacked by the neighborhood dogs and bad dog owners who actually yelled at me when I told them we had a dog ordinance, and then attacked the mile repeats.

1st mile: 734
2nd mile: 731
3rd mile: 729
4th mile: 730
5th mile: 728

Pretty darn consistant. Topaz beat me on every mile! He knew when we were reaching the end of the mile. He would begin to run tight circles around my feet, I don't know, trying to herd me and keep me from turning around and doing it again? I told him he better not take a nip out of my calve! Crazy pup. I love him.

I was exhausted. After a 3 mile jog home I was ready for a hot shower, a hot fireplace and a good book!

Tonight is my one TV night of the week. I'll be chillin' on the couch, watching The Biggest Loser.


Heidi Swift said...

I've recently gotten hooked on the Biggest Loser, too.
I cry like a baby through the entire thing. So much for being Toughy McToughersons.
I am so glad that your son is back home with you and healing. I thought of you many, many times during the past few weeks.
Be well,

Jamie said...

Nice job on the repeats. I usually can't do more than three. And I agree... spring will be most welcome when it finally arrives!

I see you're planning on running the Vermont 100. I'm in it again this year, so see you there!

olga said...

5 mile repetas! And so fast! Wow, Julie, you rock:) Good for you on not gaining 10 lbs. I found old racing pictures and got depressed seeing that I overall gained 10 lbs over last 3 years...and the depression deepens after I went for the race and saw so many beautiful fit ladies. My, oh my, must think what to do...