Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just a Few Hyland

On Monday I drove over to Powder Ridge in Kimball to get in another session of hill repeats. It wasn't meant to be. The ski area was closed due to a resurface project. Reseeding grass or something.

I decided to hook up with Paul over at Hyland this morning. We were to begin at 5 AM. I woke bright and early..well not was 330 AM. A couple of cups of Caribou Mocha Java from my French Press and I was good to go.

Luckily Paul sent me detailed directions as where to go once in the parking lot. I jogged along the dark, woodsy trail, hauling my cooler in one hand and looking at the detailed directions in the other. I found the hill and set up shop. Something must have come up because I never did see Paul.

This hill isn't a long as Buck or Powder Ridge. I began at 445 AM, running the dirt trail loop around the hill 3 times for a warm up, then ran 20 repeats, 3 more dirt trail loops, 20 repeats, 3 more dirt trail loops, 20 more repeats and one final dirt trail loop.

By the time I finished 20 repeats I was becoming bored with the hill and bored with myself. Luckily Carl Gammon spotted me and came over for a chat. He was meeting a friend at 730 at the visitor center, I was hoping they would be back to visit some more. Pretty soon, Carl and Deb Robinson showed up. I've known Deb for a few years; I think we first met at FANS, where I usually see her each year, as well as Afton 50K. She's a nice gal. Carl has talked her into pacing him at Superior 100. About an hour or so after Carl and Deb left, Kurt Decker arrived. We ran a few repeats, he broke up the tedium for me. We talked about Leadville, as Kurt is running too. Kurt left and right away Maynard Legace showed up. Maynard has run Leadville before and had some great stories and good advice to share. We laugh the whole time we run. We ran quite a few repeats together. I was getting tired. Just as I was near 60 repeats Steve Quick showed up. He was going to run hill repeats, too. As I reached 60 I told Maynard and Steve I was calling it a wrap. Maynard and I ran the final dirt loop where I packed up and hauled my cooler out. Maynard offered to carry it and I wouldn't have it. By the time we were half way to the lot he put out his arm to carry it for me. I gave it to him, no problem! I was tired!! 5:15 hours was good enough for me. Next hill session will be 6 hours.

Thanks for the company, boys.


SteveQ said...

Wish I'd gotten out there earlier, but I needed to sleep in Sunday. Looks like that's the place to be (though my church is starting to wonder where I go on Sundays).

Kel said...

I got there around 1:00 pm and the place was deserted. Just an hour of hiking the ski hill for me 'til I get this tendonitis nipped.

Hope to see you at Afton!