Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Superior Sawtooth 100 Mile Trail Run

I haven't had to make family preparations yet this year while leaving for a 100 mile run. For McNaughton my parents just happened to be arriving from Texas for the end of the winter season and were passing through on their way up north. Mom took care of everything. For FANS I'm only gone one night; nothing to take care of. For Leadville everyone was along but for Superior..oh man. Superior takes place on a Friday, the first week of school. I hate to take the boys out the first week, plus they would have to miss a football practice, so I go alone. This means finding rides to and from practice, fixing meals in advance, making sure they have clean clothes for school and get up on time for school (Steve leaves before 5 AM and isn't home until 7 PM), getting papers signed, homework in, gifts and cards for the birthday parties over the weekend. It takes more to get the family ready for my 100 than to get myself ready.

My drop bags are packed and labeled, running pack is full and ready, breakfast and food is in the cooler and ready to go. I'll leave right from work tomorrow and hit the packet pickup in Two Harbors. I'll miss the briefing but will be there in time to drop off my drop off bags and get to Caribou at a decent hour. The race doesn't begin until 8 AM so a good night sleep will be easy to come by.

I haven't taken a look at the really doesn't matter. I pack warm clothes, rain clothes, a bit of everything because everything usually takes place. I predict some rain, some sun, not warmer than 60 during the day and not cooler than 20 for the evening. No sunglasses required as it is dark in the thick woods of the SHT!

Off for fun..over and out..


johnmaas said...

Wow, you have a lot going on besides getting yourself ready for Superior.
Best wishes to you on your 102.x mile journey!
Keep those pink "spats" movin'!!!
Can't wait to hear about the race.

Kel said...

Have a great run Julie! I may catch a glimpse of you at Silver Bay or Tettagouche AS on Friday. If not then, I'll see you at Caribou on Saturday :)

kelly said...

Have a great run, Julie! I hope everything goes well out there. I look forward to reading your race report!

SteveQ said...

Oh, I hope that it doesn't get down to 20 degrees! I head up in 90 minutes and have to make sure all the little things (watering plants, getting someone to pick up the mail) get done. It's the non-running things that take so much time!

See you there.

Steve said...

Good luck, Julie! (like you need it, haha). You've done plenty of preparation and hillwork and will do great. Tear it up out there and have fun!

Ronda said...

Go get em Julie! I will be excited to here the report.

Olga said...

Julie, best and best to you in it, go nail it!