Thursday, March 05, 2009

Another First: Fabulous

Tonight I did something that I wasn't sure that I could do. It's not the first time I have had those thoughts, that is for sure.

Quite a few months ago I received an email from Kim Maxwell, founder of Moving Soles Running Club. She asked me if I would speak to her women running club. She felt I'd be motivational to her group and that I could share my experiences with them.

I opened her email at work and immediately said to myself "oh my gosh, I couldn't do that" "why would anyone want to listen to what I have to say" "what would I say" "too scary, I can't speak in front of a group" etc. On and on the all too familiar tape played on in my head. You can't. You are not good enough. Negative negative negative negative.

Stop it. Start the tape over. I am an experienced runner, I do have stories, some people say I motivate and inspire them. I have wished many times that I had someone to listen to about their running, their experiences, someone to learn from.

So accept the invitation.

I did. I emailed back to Kim that I would speak to her group. We sent the date for March 5. It was so far in the future, but I thought about it every day. I worried about it. What would I say?

Yesterday I typed out an outline. I began with an introduction of myself, the drinking, the eating, getting sober, Oprah, running, races, the friends I have met, coaching.

Today I had a stomach ache all day. I was nervous about the speaking engagement and excited about leaving for TX tomorrow morning.

I arrived at the Concordia Academy 30 minutes before my meeting with Kim. Enough time to sit down and take deep breaths.

Kim and the group were fantastic. I met the runners as they arrived, I was a nervous wreck.

Kim introduced me..I began to talk..and talk..and laugh..and talk some more.

I spoke for 45 minutes without stopping! I had a great time! I acknowledged my nervousness right at the beginning and then it went away. I had stories and experiences to share.

After I finished speaking the members of the club asked questions; I was so relieved that they had listened and were truly interested.

Another lesson learned: Step out of the comfort zone. Inspire, motivate..share. This was a learning experience for me, too. I enjoyed it greatly.

Thank you to Kim and the Moving Soles. I enjoyed tonight, very much.

My flight leaves at 730 AM. I better double check my packing. Fun in the Sun; Here I Come!


Anonymous said...

I just got home from hearing Jullie's talk. It was so inspirational. I could have listened to you talk for another 45 minutes! I got out my old copy of Oprah's book and am rereading it. Thanks for the motivation

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story. You are an amazing woman and I truly think you really need to contact Oprah now! I hope you enjoy your vacation!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! I could have talked with you all night. I was so charged last night and this morning telling my co-workers about you. I was so inspired...... thank you!

Anonymous said...

You were outstanding last night! Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone to share your story - you have a great story to share and are so inspiring. Keep sharing it!!! Blessing to you.
--A new runner.

Anonymous said...

Julie! Good for you! See? All you needed to do was be yourself! I am proud of you! You have been my inspiration and you continue to be just that to others by telling your story and being yourself! Enjoy the beach! Love - Carol

Anonymous said...

Julie, I am a MSRC member and was at your talk Thursday night-you are simply amazing! Hearing your herculean accomplishments made my goal of running my first half-marathon seem much more attainable. I am now training with renewed enthusiasm and beginning to think that I could even run a marathon someday! Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story . . . you are such an extraordinary example of what can be achieved with determination and a belief in yourself. Hope you'll come back and run with us sometime!! :o)

Helen said...

Congrats Julie! It goes to show what you can do when you push yourself beyond those unseen 'boundaries'.

Kurt said...

hey any word on if you got into Badwater ?