Saturday, March 27, 2010

Elizabeth Rose 8K

A few months ago my friend Debbie came to tell me that her daughter, Elizabeth, was fighting stage 3 ovarian cancer. I couldn't believe it. As close as I am to ovarian cancer (mom, grandmother, aunt) I hadn't known of a case involving such a young woman. Elizabeth is 23. Elizabeth is tough, she's beautiful and she's kicking cancer's ass.

Today was our fundraiser for Elizabeth. An 8K race, much as we put on for Ann, before she passed from lymphoma.

We had a nice morning, the rain let up for the race, we had many participants. So many members of the community came out to support Elizabeth!

It was wonderful to see so many faces that I hadn't see in way too long.

Thank you so much for coming out to support Elizabeth. She has a bright strong future ahead of her :)

Run On E!


bethkampa said...

I participated in the 8k Saturday. I do not know Elizabeth, but I was definitely touched by her story. Breast cancer runs in my family and is nearly a guarantee for me.

I hope you do this run again in the years to come. I will definitely do it again. The food and prizes were excellent - I really wanted that mac n cheese!!! I love the shirt!

The course and atmosphere were excellent!

My only negative was that the time clock was taken down too early. A friend of mine walked the event due to a knee injury, and she was disappointed to not see her time.

Rocco said...

Hi Julie-

I have been bouncing around the blogosphere looking for race reports to share on the weekly race report I write for the MDRA blog. Thank you for posting this report. I shared it on the MDRA blog it that is okay.

My thoughts and prayers are with Elizabeth and her family. I don't know her, but my own family has been affected both by breast cancer and by people getting cancer at a very young age. I am glad the running community could do something to help this woman out.

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