Saturday, May 29, 2010

MDRA Beginning Runners Graduates

We held the final session of our MDRA Beginning Women's Running Class in Maple Grove on Wednesday. Not only did the women make phenomenal progress but they had fun while doing it! That's what it is about for me, having fun.

We completed the course with a timed mile first and a pot luck afterward. Nobby brought sushi and it was fabulous.

For the first timed mile, we had 25 people complete it, average time for these 25 people was 702.7 seconds (=10 min. 12.7 sec.); the fastest being 9:29 and the slowest being 14:30 (3 people sub-10 minutes).

For those who completed the course, we had a record of "100% improvement". We had average 10.9% improvement; the least improvement being 4.6% improvement (from 11:09 to 10:38); most improvement being 18.2% (from 12:48 to 10:28). Average improvement being 72.6 seconds!! (over a minute+!!!) We had 3 people sub-9 minutes with the fastest being 8:11, the slowest being 11:14 which would have placed her the 12th fastest person in the first timed-mile 8 weeks earlier.

Isn't that incredible? All finished the final mile test with smiles on their faces!

Last Saturday many of the women completed the Maple Grove 5K with 1 gal even running the Maple Grove half marathon! Amazing.

I've certainly enjoyed the past three years that I have been coaching with MDRA. I am looking forward to a 4th year. I may be coaching the 5K/10K class which will begin in August. We'll see!

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