Sunday, July 25, 2010

Valleyfair Fun

Each year we made a trip out to Valleyfair in Shakopee. Valleyfair is a huge amusement park with an awesome water park. I'm all about the water park. Today myself, Tyler, Troy, Amanda and Ryan headed out for a day of fun. Steve opted out, he has never really enjoyed Valleyfair. He and Topaz mowed the lawn, cleaned the pool, he even text me a photo of Topaz chilling. I'll have to post it!

We began with the waterpark. Bodyslides, lazy river, crushing rapids, wave pool..nothing but fun. I love it..and to spend a full day with the boys, well, that just can't be beat.

Being 10 weeks out from the NPC Northstar meant that I would be traveling with the every present cooler. Eggs and oats, check, protein shake, check, chicken breast salad, check, green beans, check..two gallons of water. Got it!

I went back to the car for frequent feedings and never felt like I was missing out. Nope, didn't need the Dipping Dots, the Chunky Monkey, the Pronto Pups or the Cheese Curds. No thank you!

We had an awesome day. Looking forward to our next visit!

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