Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dreams Do Come True!

A few weeks ago I received  a text from Tyler "I am thinking about running the 5K Earthday at SCSU. Do you want to?"  Imagine the huge smile upon my face as I text back one word "YES!" Of course!  Then I became protective of my feelings, and told Troy I didn't want to get too excited just incase Tyler decided he didn't want to do this after all.

When Tyler came home at Easter he told me he had entered and he was still up for it. I was so excited. I let myself become excited all over again. I entered and just waited for the date to arrive.

Last night we ran Tyler's first event. It was so much fun!

Tyler is attending college at SCSU so he picked up our packets after classes at 3. I met him in St. Cloud at about 4. We were upgrading his phone, began that process, which was taking forever, so left the phone and everything there after an hour and half and went to the college for the race start.

It was a beautiful evening.  55F, sunny, perfect. As Tyler showed me around the campus we ran into two of his friends who were also running. These were guys he works with, I hadn't met them before. Very fun.  We walked around campus and then headed to the start line. We lined up way in the back, we were in no rush, just taking our time, going to run Tyler's longest run!

There were 2000 people in front of us, after the race began we jogged up the start line and headed out. I was just beaming!  Here I was, running with my SON. My son who cheered and watched me run MY first race, my FIRST marathon and so many more. I was so emotional, full of happiness.

Tyler was a champ!  He led the pace and gave me a narrative of the campus, of his friends who live in what dorms, what houses, where they hang out. It was just great. We clipped along the campus, dorms, river, lake and back to the start/finish area.  We waved at ourselves on the big screen TV . As we ran along I saw a man wearing a jacket I have: Superior Sawtooth 100!  Hey! Superior Sawtooth 100!!  I screamed. He looked at me and waved, I fist pumped and continued this blessed run onto the SCSU football field. We held hands, put our other arms into the air and celebrated running across the finish line.  Together.

A dream come true.

I had always dreamed that one day I would run with my boys. They have both run for football and baseball but they have never run just to run. I'm so glad that Tyler is now doing just that.  He even said the M word. Marathon.  Crazy hu? Nope, not at all. During our race he said "who is this guy, running a race, Mom?  Who knows, one day I could do a marathon".

After the race we went to pick up his finally upgraded phone and then to CherryBerry for yogurt. I had such a great time. We both did.

Thank you, Tyler.


Londell said...

I can relate... My son has ran Grandma's with me and stayed with me the entire race. I was slow but it was such a rewarding experience!

Julie B said...

That's just awesome Londell! What an incredible experience. Thanks for stopping by and sharing :)

Olga said...

That is quite awesome. I don't dream about it, but it sounds like a great gift for your mommy-ing!

Robin said...

That's awesome!

Denise said...

You're one lucky Mom! Congratulations on your first family fun run.

A Prelude To... said...

What a great day!!!