Thursday, June 06, 2013

Superior 50K

Well, I did it again. Went into a race completely under-trained. Oh well...I had a blast!

I hadn't run a race on the Superior Hiking Trail for a few years! We camped it the last few years so I have run upon its gnarly beauty-ness but haven't entered anything.

After feeling terrible at Louisville I put Superior away, I wasn't going to do it. I just wasn't feeling it. Waaa waaa waaa  cry about it, right. Well, then lo and behold, my friend Misty set her wedding day celebration right after the race, lakeside. I certainly wasn't going to miss her wedding and I couldn't go up to Lusten for the wedding without running the I decided I'd run..two weeks out.

I quickly booked a room at Caribou..I couldn't believe that I was able to get a room on such short notice. Normally it sells out quickly. I love staying at Caribou for the 50K. We start and finish on their property.

The matter of training..guess I better run a quick 20..that's just what I did. Egads. With snow all over the trails I ran road-flat road. Whatev...

I was excited about the race. I hadn't run the race since John Storkamp took over as RD. It's been a while.

Checking in on Friday I visited with the gang, caught up on all the racing news. So much fun.

Early to bed and able to sleep in..with no driving to the start line I woke up without an alarm and mozied out to the start line.

I just totally enjoyed myself the whole way. I took it nice and easy, took photos, visited when i was around others, reflected on memories as I came upon landscape which jogged my memory of past time that I've spent upon the trail. It was fabulous!

I loved that the race course now takes us up up up Carlton Peak to the very top-before turning around back to the start. In the past we would turn  around before we reached the peak. It was foggy, thick and wet. It was so awesome. Just awesome.

Such a blast..the water was high, the river crashing upon the banks, an incredible trail and adventure.

After I finished I soaked in the hot tub to get the chill out. Legs felt great, no problems. No tummy distress. I stuck to gels and water, perfect.

This race got the mojo flowing again. I don't know why I let a bad run in KY change my plans but hey, it happens. I feel like training again, I feel like making progress, I feel like pushing again. 

I feel like running Superior Sawtooth 100 again. That's a good thing!


Olga said...

You are back to blogging! And racing Superior! :)

Julie B said...

Yes, Olga, I am. It feels good!