Tuesday, December 10, 2013

25K Donut Run

The Donut Day 25K is a fun run put on by Jordan Hanlon in Minneapolis. It’s free! Runners run from bakery to bakery and eat donuts…ending at a donut shop.  I  really wasn't sure what to expect for the Donut Run, just that it sounded like fun! 

I knew that there was a 5, 10 and 25K mile version. My longest run was 5 miles coming in. I ran a 5 in the AM and a 3 in the PM, I suppose 8 miles technically.  I knew that we were running through the Minneapolis area and stopping at local bakeries. Fun!!

The weather was forecast to be cold. -20F and -35F Wind Chill. I wasn't worried about that. Layers of good running clothing is all that is necessary.

We were starting at 800 at Lake Nokomis. I stopped for gas and had to wait for a train, before I knew it I was running late. I approached Lake Nokomis at 755 so opted to park in the pay lot so I didn't have to scurry around looking for parking.

I wasn't sure if I'd know anyone running. I walked slowly to Jordan giving the directions to the group  and was excited to see Maria and Doug nearby. Maria was running the 25K and Doug the 5 mile. I still wasn't sure what I was going to run. When Maria asked I told her 10 for sure, hopefully 25K, but still not sure. I'd see how the ankle felt.

Before I knew it we were moving. There were probably about 30 of us  in total. Last year there were 150 but the cold temps must have been cause for bail out.  I don't know why. Seriously. It was just a joyful time.

I ran by myself from Lake Nokomis to A Bakers Wife-at 4200 and 28th Ave South. This was only a few miles so I didn't go in for water .. or a donut .. I had to pee. Jordan suggested I go next door to the bike shop. It was very nice to use their warm bathroom!

At this point, so lucky for me, John Taylor and Maria were standing outside of the bakery, deciding not to enter, either. I was able to hook up with them and stayed with them the whole run. SO blessed!! SO excited to run with my two buddies again.

Maria knows the area well-she knew right where we were going to go so she just led us along. Our next stop was Glam Doll Donuts at 2605 Nicollet. We went Right instead of Left on Nicollet-I had a map in my pocket so a quick glance showed us our error. We trotted down to Glam Doll-I could smell the fragrance of hot oil and sugar as we approached! Glam Doll was a hoot. Pretty sparkly pink Christmas tree in the corner, girls all glammed out, a huge array of donuts, warm bathrooms, water for the runners. I downed a gel and a bottle of water here and noticed that
The end of my pony tail was a rats nest.   As I was trying to pull the knots out a kind woman, Lisa was her name, took out my pony tail holder and braided my hair. Yay!  I wouldn’t have to worry about it all breaking off.

Maria found a bacon covered donut here. I think they may be the new rage. We seemed to spot bacon pastries at each stop.

We began to catch a chill so headed out for our next stop: Angel Food Bakery. The route was so much fun on the way. We were now downtown Minneapolis, running past my old working grounds. I worked in the Piper Jaffrey building on Marquette, 11 years ago. We ran right past it. Ran past the Metrodome, the Guthrie, good times. 

By now the wind was blowing in our faces. The air temperature was -11F and the wind chill -25F. I kept warm. I was wearing a pair of heavy tights, the Skirt Sports pants with skirt, a tank top and two long sleeved tops, my winter running jacket. Two pair of gloves, a pair of wind mitts, a neck gaitor and heavy fleece hat. There were points where I took off my mitts but for the most part I dressed perfectly. I wasn't cold a bit. 

At Angel they had a tank of water with lemons for us. It was fabulous and so wonderful that I didn't have to carry around a bottle of water that would end up freezing anyway. Not to mention warm bathrooms with hot running water! 

I was blown away by the cake above!  Maria had a cronut here. A cross between a crossiant and a donut. It looked pretty cool.  I sucked down another gel and some more water. 

We left Angel and headed for our final leg to Mel O Glaze. By now I had decided that I was going to run the full 25K. My ankle was so awesome and I was so happy that I couldn't stop smiling. I ran at the mouth and caught up on everything with Maria. We listened to John stories-I have mentioned before that John Taylor has the most interesting things happen to him while racing. I can listen to him for a very long time!

As we were running along the Parkway we heard cheering and saw an aid station set up! Here Club Run had set up a wonderful aid station with HOT Caribou Coffee!  What a treat. We stood around, took pictures, laughed and had a blast..while sucking back two cups of coffee.

                           ?, John, Me, Lisa, Maria and Dan We ventured on until we hit Mel O Glaze, which was only .5 miles from our finish at Lake Nokomis. A quick check in with friends Misty and Thad, a glance at the huge donuts and we were on our way to the end.

As the three of us finished up the run I explained to Maria and John how wonderful it was to be out running again. I felt empowered, joyful, strong. Just how I want to feel.

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