Monday, April 18, 2005


For real, I did it! I haven't had time to write my full race report, I will within the next day or so. Short story is that I finished my first 100 mile race in 29 hours and 7 minutes. Yahoo!! Guess what? I won FIRST WOMAN! Unreal..unreal..I can't believe it. Yup, I'm sore and my feet are at their worst..but I finished that buggar and that shows me that we can all do whatever we set our mind to.


M. said...

Congratulations Julie I knew you could do it! 100 It makes me tired just thinking about it.
You are such a champion!
I love your spirit.
Your bfl bud,

Jen said...

Outstanding Julie, I am glowing with pride and excitement for you. Take care of your feet and get a massage. Awesome job, Jenna