Thursday, April 14, 2005

..on my way...

Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving for Pekin, IL to run the first 100 mile trail run of my life. Hopefully the first of a number of them. Hopefully this is a great experience. Hopefully this is a finish. Hopefully I don't injure myself. Hopefully I come back on Sunday and write up a successful race report.

The doubts are getting to me. This is just how I felt before my first marathon, my first 50K, my first 50 mile and my first 100K. A person just doesn't know what they are capable of the first time. Once I finish this baby, some of those fears will disapate as I prepare for the next 100.

I can do this. I am prepared. I have trained my a$$ off. I have logged the miles. I will be successful. Yes, my feet will be sore, they will blister, I will be tired and depleated..but I am strong. I am woman, hear me roar! Ha.

Yesteday a recovering meth addict came into the HS to speak with the students. Meth is taking over our community in a scary way. This addict has been clean for 2 years. After the presentation - which was very well done - and hopefully will give the students the courage to say NO to meth - he had a question/answer discussion. I had so many questions. I asked him if he had replaced the meth addiction with something else. He looked at me and smiled, asked if he was speaking with another addict, I told him yes, I'm a recovering alcoholic. He said 'well, this speaking engagement has become a part of my passion, my obsession, going into schools and communties telling of the horrors of meth use and the way it will kill every user..that and I play an awful lot of online cards" I was like ,WTF? Online 'cards?' I guess there is another addiction out there for everyone. He then asked me what mine was. In front of the whole damn school I told him that I'm an ultra runner and have a 100 mile race coming up on Saturday. Sh+t. Nobody knew. Only a few teachers who are in my run club knew I was doing this race. Now they all know, and think I'm nuts.

I believe that all recoving addicts will replace that addictive behavior with another. Be it food, running, gambling; some obsession will come along the way to replace the addictive behavior.

I asked this addict who has seven children "how will you get it through to your children, not to use meth" he said that by being honest, showing his children what meth abuse will do to you, showing them warning signs, keeping a communicative realtionship with them, telling them of the horror he went through, that this will have to be enough to keep them from trying. That's my question. How do you get your children to NEVER use. Not once. They can't try meth, they will be forever addicted. Plus, my children have the 'compulsive/addictive' genes.

He gave a presentation to the Middle School, so Tyler saw it. I asked Tyler what he thought. He said he would have said no to meth before, now he will really say no to meth. Good.

I know a few families whose lives are being torn apart because of meth addiction. It's damn scary. Let your children know all about meth, if you don't know, find out.

Hey-on the weight loss front: down 13 pounds yahoo! I finally reached the 130's today. 139.7 to be exact! I'll be adding carbs back in now for the race and will be doing pb&j, cliff bars, etc. during the run as well as salt tablets. I'm expecting an increase in weight for Monday's weigh in, but it will leave too.

For LL BCI-2, our team is down 29.9 pounds, we are in first place..get this..I've lost the most on the team so far. Unbelievable!

Over and Out-


Jen said...

Julie, I am so excited for you. You are prepared and your body will give you what you expect. You continue to inspire me when it comes to running. Go get 'em and please let us know how you did. Jenna

Julie B said...

Thanks Jenna! What a ride it has been..all the miles..all the hours on the trail..I'm ready..but getting scared as well!


Nico said...

Good Luck with the race Julie, Good vibs for you, can't wait to read about the race.


Anonymous said...

Hey Julie, Good Luck! And being in Pekin, IL you will be exactly 20 or so odd minutes from my house!!! WILD!

~Stacey :)