Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Run Club

Wednesday means Run Club night.

I always thought the runners at Run Club were a pretty awesome group of guys. I was way too timidated to ever even think of running with them. Or even speaking with them.

After I began running I entered my first race..the Big Lake 8K put on my the Big Lake Run Club. They seemed very nice, so I attended one of their Wednesday night runs.

Oh my gosh. I was ill prepared for them. Two men felt sorry for me and ran with me, at my pace, the whole 5 mile route. I think we ran 11 minute miles and it was pretty much walking for them.

I didn't go back for three years.

Now this group of men have become my very very good friends. They are still faster than I (most of them) but I am no longer intimidated by them. We even get a few women once in a while to join us.

We all begin in the front of the Big Lake High School at 6 PM. We run together for approximately 5 minutes and whooooshhhh off they go! I see their backs for the rest of the route, up the hills, around the lakes, through the town. At the end of the run they all stand in a line and clap and cheer for me.

They are a pretty awesome group.

Tonights run : 5 miles 39:30. A long way from my first Run Club night.

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