Friday, August 19, 2005


I haven't had to have the thought 'thank god it's Friday' for many weeks. Today I thought that thought over and over again. Back at work for the first week, after having eight weeks off, getting the classes and offices ready for school to open, eek.

Trying to get up before the crack of dawn, run, lift, bike, shower, work, meetings, kids sports, run, bike, shower, lift..whatever and to bed to do it all over again.

This takes some getting used to!

Tonight was a 7.5 mile run with Topaz on the trail. Hot, humid and I was just plain tired. I don't think my body is used to running in the late afternoon. The food that I've been eating all day is jumbling around in my stomach, I pee over and over again because by 330 I've already had 80 ounces of water and coffee and whatever else I may have consumed.

I love my fasted morning runs. No food in the tummy, don't have to worry about what to eat and what not to eat, etc.

I looked at my eating logs for the past 7 days. I consumed an average of 1734 calories which consisted of 38% carbs, 42% protein and 20% fat. I lost .10 of a pound. A great week of maintenance. I'm going to live here for a while, then try to lose another 5 or so...

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