Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tough Decisions

First of all, I don't see my Diet post here. I see jibberish. Is that just me or is that everyone? Hmph. Guess I'll look into that again later.

Man, I've been exhausted this week. Rightly so, I suppose. I come home from work, run, bike or lift weights, flop onto the couch and lay there until I have to get up, cook dinner, clean up the kitchen, go to the baseball field, to bed and when my alarm wakes me in the morning, I can't believe my night of sleeping is already over with. Time to do it all over again. I'll be very happy after tomorrow. I'll be enjoying SUMMER VACATION for 8 WEEKS!

Last night Tyler had a game against another Big Lake team. We won 9-7; in 9 innings! They usually play 6 innings but the game was tied forever and a day, so it went long. We play the same team tomorrow.

Tonight Troy has baseball in Becker.

I ran on asphalt yesterday morning to see how it felt. I ran five miles and it didn't feel good. I felt aches and pains in my feet and my knees. My foot still feels tender today. It didn't hurt at all while I ran trail 2 & 4 hours this weekend. It's the asphalt; after running for it on 24 hours, my body is tender to run upon it again-so soon.

Grandmas Marathon is this Saturday. Grandmas was my first marathon and I've run it each year since. I don't really care for the race anymore. It's crowded, it is expensive (you have to book hotel for 2 nights now); I enjoy the history I have with Grandmas Marathon. The fact that I ran it 6 years ago, when I wasn't sure if I could run a marathon. The fact that I ran Grandmas with my Dad, his first marathon, and that I ran Grandmas with Ann, her first marathon. All of those firsts are very special to me.

This year is Grandmas Marathon 30th year and I figured I'd run it, and it could be my last. I really prefer ultra distances now, and Grandmas doesn't serve me as a training run for any future race; as Twin Cities Marathon does for the Ed Fitz 100K.

Last year I was able to PR at Grandmas, but I had +only+ run 52 miles at FANS two weeks prior. The previous two years I had run 80-85 miles at FANS and still ran Grandmas in 430 or so. There is NO WAY I could PR at Grandmas this year after running a hard, long FANS.

I could hurt myself. That's the bottom line. I just ran 116 miles on asphalt, less than two weeks ago. I don't think it is smart to run a marathon on asphalt so soon. I know that my body isn't recovered. If this was a trail marathon, I may give it a go. But no, I'll be staying home this weekend.

Tyler has a baseball tournament in Big Lake this weekend; I won't have to drive up to Duluth, run the marathon, drive home, miss a few of his games, etc. I'll be right there watching. And that's a good thing :)

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jessie_tri_mn said...

Your previous post is showing up fine on my end (Using Firefox)

Hey, maybe I'll see you at G'mas! My husband is running his first marathon and I plan to be at miles 9 and 16.

I hear what you're saying about the price gouging that the hotels do... My dad lives in Duluth so free floor space for us :)