Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wednesday Night Run Club

I seem to be recovering well. The best part is that I could walk right away. Normally, with 101 blisters, I'm not walking very well. The one blister is just amazing; I've never had one blister.

My calves are probably giving me the most pain. They look and feel like a large cement brick; they are very tight. I try to massage them, I use a rolling pin on them (I think I may order the STICK from, and they are still stiff. I probably should have immersed myself in a tub of cold water after the race but forgot about that.

I've been forgetting about many things.

It seems that after a 100 miler, or very tough effort, my brain is out of it for a while. I forgot that Tyler had a make up baseball game last night, I forgot that I was working the concession stands, I forgot to pay the first of the month bills, I forgot to take 3 days of birth control pills, yikes! Luckily I remembered all of the preceding before we were late and all was well.

Last night I joined the others at Run Club. I was feeling pretty good, so though I could jog slowly with the others. Ha. I began to move and my inner thighs said NO, slow down! I only jogged maybe 1/2 mile and began to walk. It felt good to stretch out by walking, I joined Kevin and we walked 30 minutes.

There is a group of Run Club members running Grandmas in 1.5 weeks. Curt is planning on running 3:45; that's what I need to qualify for Boston. I don't know; on Monday I was thinking I might not even run Grandma's, but it is the 30th, it was my first and I have run it each year since. I think I've run 6 Grandma's now. I'll be there. I may even try running a 3:45..or not. I certainly couldn't do it this weekend, I'll find out what kind of difference a week makes.

Last night I worked the concession stand at the baseball games. I was stuck grilling hamburgers and hotdogs. I haven't had much of an appetite this week and those greasy burgers about did me in!

OH..I havae less than one week of work left and then I am off for 8 WEEKS! WooHoo!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like what you'd expect after running 117 miles! I'm sure your body will recover next week, although you may not be ready for a peak marathon performance. You'll know when it gets closer. Its not too late for cold water bath soakings and also go get a professional sports massage. And walk lots, at least 30-40 mins per day. Drink lots too so your system can flush everything out as it re-builds. Listen to me, I'm such an advice-giver! And I haven't even run a 100 miler yet :)

TriFeist said...

Ooooo, the Stick. I love mine. Love it. Good luck getting ready for Grandma's.