Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back to the Superior Hiking Trail

This week has flown on by. Next week at this time I'll be back to work. Ugh. I need to keep reminding myself that I am LUCKY and GRATEFUL to have had the last 10 weeks off, quit fretting over the end of summer vacation!

I was able to get in my three Afterburn strength and three Afterburn cardio session in the first three days of the week, along with my regular ultra training. He suggests that one NOT complete the strength training on consecutive days, but since I'll be on the SHT Friday-Sunday I did it anyway. Plus the cardio. Feeling good.

Tomorrow I and 9 other friends are heading up the SHT for a 40 mile night run. Woohoo! Some are crewing, some are running, some of us are training for the 100 mile race in September. This will be a great training run.

Tonight I'll prepare peanut butter jelly sandwiches for aid, cut up oranges and cook up a mess of lean burger for our taco feast after the run.

Our plan is to begin running at 7 PM, through the night, into the day, hopefully ending by noon. We are renting a fabulous home in Tofte, right on the lake.

We'll be running the night section of the race, Highway 1 section through to Sugarloaf + some more. Approximately 40 miles. I'll have to get out my trustee Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail book. Ought to be one hell of an adventure!!

I looked through my guide and found a few notes. I have to take notes, I've run this section 3 or more times and I still forget the topography of each section. I wrote under Highway 1 to Co Rd 6: Section is 6.8 miles; steep, very challenging, first 4 miles REAL HARD then 2 last miles a bit easier, or at least walkable. Sawmill Dome is here, where John (Storkamp) crashed. (during out Beta 1 last year). Then toward the end John came flying through the woods. Not dead afterall.

Co Rd 6 to Finland Rec Center: 7.6 miles; this is where the CRAZY FRICKIN Beaver Dam is. Crazy boardwalk going across the fricken beaver dan. Unreal, thought I'd fall in, beautiful Section 13 cliffs, glacial erratic over 20 ft, buggy haven. Bugs were so bad I couldn't wait for another hill to climb and get out of hell. Felt like I was in the bowels of the earth.

During Beta I, Maria and me were the only two to make it the full 50.5 miles. It took us 15 1/2 hours. The others called it a day between 25-35 miles. We were pretty excited we finished. Alas, neither of us finished the 100 last September. Dang.

A month later, in August, Maria and I went up to run the next section, Finland to Temperance. We began at Finland at 5 AM and saw a zillion toads on the trail. It was crazy toady. We didn't have too many problems running the rest of the sections. Although it was daylight and we would be running this in the night during the race. Sonju lake area-all those damn roots is nothing like it is in the light like it is during the night. Holy shit. Whole different beast. It's hard. HARD to navigate through. The cedar trees have roots all over the top of the trail, it's hard to get through. The constant lifting of the legs becomes tiring, the constant pounding of root on foot becomes painful.

I'm sure excited to run the night section of the race during the night for training. It's all that I can think of to do in addition to last years training, and my Buck Hills, that I didn't do last year. Just another bit of insurance toward a finish.

Today the boys and I are heading off to St. Cloud to do some shopping. Tyler is beginning fall baseball season, Troy is beginning football and they both need gear. I could use a few things myself.

Oh, and I need to bake up some infamous Oreo Brownies.

Over and Out...


SteveQ said...

Any way I can join the party? A 40 mile night trail run sounds like what I need right now.

Anonymous said...

will you be running all night
or do you take breaks
totally new to the sport and totally amazed!!!

Olga said...

Woohoo for a night run with friends! Sounds wonderful and I am jealous:)

Anonymous said...

I really wanted to make this but I am taking my son to Colorado as he will be a freshman a the Colorado school of Mines.... Sure happy you have the time to put this together and sure everyone loves your effort and love of running. I know you inspire me. Have fun! Londell

Bob - said...

I need to bake up some infamous Oreo Brownies.
umm just looking to try some oreo brownies :-)

ahhh kids football starting, many good memories growing up of playing football since I was 8yrs old...ahhh good times!!

Enjoy ur night run with friends!

Julie B said...

Hey Steve, I wish you would have mentioned it earlier. Yes, you could have come along. I invited the whole MNDRS group! Only had 9 takers.

Olga, I'll have to check your blog to see how your 12 hour went!

Bob, you'll hav eto mix up a batch of the Oreo brownies. Very good!

Hey Londell-I saw you are registered for the 100. Awesome. It's incredible.