Saturday, August 18, 2007

Paw In Poop

On Wednesday I went back to work. I'm thankful that I have a job where I get 8 weeks off during the summer, that I get to spend every day with my boys, that I can run first thing in the morning when I have a ton of energy, I can wear a pony tail, swimming suit and running shorts all summer long. All that came to an abrupt end on Wednesday when I went back to work. Oh, the pain.

The alarm woke me up at 430, which is just dandy when I'm leaving early for a run or race..but work..not.

As I walked into the shower Topaz gave me a very dejected look. He put his ears down, tail down and laid there, waiting for me. As I put on pants he about died. Hu? It's that time already? Back to work and your nixing the morning runs? Well, for last week, I did.

From Wednesday to Friday I ran in the afternoon and had absolutely NO energy. You know, in the morning, I can run fasted and have plenty of energy. But in the PM, even after eating a few meals, I have no energy. At all. I walked much of my Wednesday and Thursday run.

I need to figure out a running schedule. I don't have time to head the 15 minutes to and from the trail head each morning to run an hour. I'll have to either run treadmill or neighborhood asphalt in the AM, trail in the PM with no energy. Maybe I'll get used to the PM runs again. I don't know.

Originally I was going to head up to Duluth today for a marathon distance on the SHT. Andy Holak is hosting a fun run - 27 miles - on the trail. I was going to drive up early, run, and head back home for the Twins game. Alas, the run was rescheduled for 2 PM today, so it didn't work out for me. 2 PM? That's late for a marathon on the SHT. I'd still be running at 8 PM and wouldn't make the game.

So, instead, I opted to take my trustee training partner, Topaz, out for a 50K at the Blue Hill Trail. We headed out at 6 AM, ran to noon and had time to do Target errands with the family, haircuts and still have time to get off to the Twins game.

There was a huge wind storm last Monday and many of the trees are still down. When I ran the Blue Hill Trail on Tuesday, I was the first one there to see all the damage and then reported it to the headquarters. They were quite startled when I told them the bridge was out; a huge oak fell right across it.

Most of the trees have been bucked up, moved off of the trail, but the bridge still has a tree on it. Topaz and I still ran across the bridge, it's sturdy enough, we just had to pick our way across it 6 times. No biggie.

I suppose I'm done with my long runs now before Superior 100. I'll run another Buck Hill session - 30 repeats - next week. Then I guess I'm ready. There really is not much more that I can do to be ready for Superior.

I did see an interesting thing. Lately I've been noticing piles of poop on the trail that is filled with acorns and berries, lots of wild plum and grapes. As nature's bounty changes, so does the animal poop. Well, today I noticed a pile of poop that had a PAW in it. Yeah, a PAW. A paw with six claws to be exact. I wonder if one of the claws is a dew claw? I don't know. But it was interesting enough for me to take a photo of it! Steve and the boys think I'm crazy to be digging in pooh, but hey, it was interesting. Or, at least, I thought it was..

OK, off to the Twins. Go Twins!

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Rebecca said...

One of these days perhaps I will cease to be amazed that someone runs 50K without a banner at the end. And then goes to Target and to the Twins game. I'm in awe. Run on!