Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fun with Friends

Early yesterday morning I headed out to the Afton State Park. We had planned to meet and run at 8 AM; no distance was set. Run and visit afterward. Duke was bringing french toast to prepare on the wood stove inside the Afton Visitor Center.

As I arrived Afton it began to rain, by the time I climbed out of my car there was thunder and lightening.

Alicia, Jefferey, Duke, Eve, John and I were going to run. As I pulled on my vest and grabbed my bottles I stated that 3-4 hours on the trail sounded good to me. Alicia twisted her ankle last week so wasn't going to go that long. Duke, Eve and John would probably run 3 and Jeff was up for whatever.

We took off down the trail. Jeff, Alicia and I left before Duke, Eve and John. We knew they would catch up and pass us soon, they are the speedsters of the group. Sure enough, as we were WALKING down the trail we heard the three speeders catch us.

As we were all running down a trail, I went into the woods to pee. As I was off the trail Alicia again twisted her ankle. I didn't realize this. After Duke checked in with her and learned she was going to walk back to the center, he took off after the others down the hill. I came out from the woods and didn't see a soul. I hadn't been paying attention to where we were as I was letting the group lead me. As I ran down the hill I yelled for Jeff. After a few minutes I heard yelling back to me. They had stopped for me so I could catch up.

Eventually John, Duke and Eve pulled ahead. Jeff told me 'we could run with them' (really, we couldn't, it was a joke) 'yeah, but let's choose not to' I said. I and Jeff ran along through the woods of Afton for two hours, then I told him I was ready to be done at any time. I felt tired! Jeff led the way through a few crazy heavily wooded deer trails where I became full of pickers, but it was great fun! I had no idea where we were. I was totally discombobulated and lost. Eventually, we popped out of the woods right onto an asphalt trail in back of the visitor center, where Alicia had began a warm fire. We ran 2:30.

Alicia's ankle had a huge knob on it. She is still going to run Twin Cities Marathon next Sunday. I hope it is OK. Duke, John and Eve arrived half an hour later. This is good: Duke and John arrived before Eve. I asked where Eve was and Duke said she had to run 3 hours exactly. She didn't want to have less than 3 hours. He said she would be running around in the parking lot if she didn't get her 3 in. I love it! We are all a bit OCD! Sure enough, soon Eve arrived.

Duke prepared french toast with thick Texas Toast bread and rice milk with Cinnamon. It smelled pretty good!

It was great fun to be back with my friends at Afton. Most of the summer I was spending a day a week at Buck Hill doing the repeats so I didn't make many runs at Afton. I sure missed it! I'm looking forward to running out there more often during the fall/winter.

Today it is still raining. Topaz and I headed out for 2 hours on the trail. We heard quite a few gun shots. Duck hunting opened and grouse hunting is going on too. Guess I better pull out Topaz's' orange.

Tyler has two baseball games today. I don't enjoy sitting in the rain, watching baseball, hopefully it let's up. Yeah, running in the rain is just fine..but sitting, ah, not so much.

Tyler wants to try Chipotle after his game. We've never eaten there. Guess I'll have to search for the nutrition calculator online.

Twin Cities Marathon is next Sunday. I don't really have a plan or goal. Just run and enjoy I guess :)


keith said...

Aw! Too bad I had a long standing appointment with the ducks...I would have loved a chilly rainy run at afton saturday!!!

i would have also liked that french toast...yum!

Anonymous said...

Hey JB... sounds like you all had fun at Afton. I was in Iowa celebrating birthdays with Amy and her sister and family. Good luck at TCM, I am running too, will see you (or not) there. I'm in Wave 2, of course. :) No set plan either, a fun run with lots of people. enjoy! Jason Husveth

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie
Glad you had a fun run with friends.

I LOVE Chipotle. They started here in CO. You can do it healthy...

You can build your burrito or bowl or salad here: