Monday, September 10, 2007


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Anonymous said...

I have sort of an odd question. Does this pack not hurt the way it compresses you across the front? You wrote that it was comfortable for the 1.5 days that you wore it but it seems to be crushing your girl parts. Are you willing to comment?

Julie B said...

Hi Cathy, ah yes, it does look as though my boobs are squashed. Each time I refilled my bottles and added stuff to my pack I made the comment to my running partners : 'Oh, my boobs grew again' as the pack became tighter. One time, Jerry turned around and caught me rubbing my boobs because my shirt was so soft and well, they felt big. It was hilarious! Anyhow, I didn't feel squashed! Amazing, but true. I had NO chafing, the pack felt light, crazy but true. Glad you felt comfortable enough to ask me Cath!