Sunday, December 09, 2007

10 Degrees Does Make a Difference

Today when Topaz and I headed off toward the trail it was -5F. The wind was blowing, the weather man stated the wind chill was -20F. Yesterday he said it was -35F. I have always figured anything below 0 is cold, it didn't matter how far below 0.

I was wrong. Again.

Today my butt didn't freeze. Today I was able to run 3 hours on snowshoes without wanting to cry because my thumb was froze and my butt was an iceberg. Today Topaz didn't have to stop and eat ice chunks out of his paws. Today my neck gaiter wasn't a solid chunk of frozen snot. Today the snow didn't squeak quite as loudly as I ran upon it.

Today I didn't have to quit after 2 hours. 10 degrees does make a difference.

The snowshoe marathon, yes, a marathon run upon snowshoes, is January 19. It typically takes me around 6 hours to complete. I must say, it feels very good to be training for something again. My plan is to run upon snowshoes 4 hours next Saturday, I have a 50K on road for Sunday. The following week I'll get a 5 hour snowshoe run and then I'll figure I'm ready for the marathon.

It's a blast of a race. Held in Duluth, at Lester Park. There is a 10K, 1/2 marathon and marathon. The post race party is held at Fitgers, we have a pizza party, a ton of prizes for drawing and oh, I won a kayak two years ago. Cool.

This week, even with the cold temps and slow snowshoe running, I was able to get in 69 miles. This next week is filled with meetings, Christmas celebrations, a choir concert, etc. I'll probably have to run two - a - days on treadmill for a few days and then hit the trail Saturday, the 50K on Sunday.

Now I'm headed off to the gym for a session on legs and then to finish up Christmas shopping. Tyler is going to install a router for his XBOX 360 Live and hopefully he doesn't screw up my Internet. We'll see.

Have an awesome week.


Carilyn said...

Wow, Julie! Sounds like a tough, great run! Thanks for posting more about the snow running - I know it must be cold, but it sounds like a blast!

Bob Gentile said...

ummmm just tooooo cold for my candy ass--lol but Enjoy!!

Maybe I can look into beach"sand"shoes to run in-haha

Marjie said...

Ok - I just did another run on the treadmill and Hate it!! I like to be out on the trails. I need to do my research on snowshoes - Any suggestions of thinks to look for or avoid, when purchasing snowshoes for running.

Appreciate any help....Thanks