Tuesday, December 04, 2007


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Runner Susan said...

I heart your dog. Can I just move in with you guys since I stalk you and your dog?

Anonymous said...

What a happy boy!

Cliff Tam said...

I would be happy too if i get to run in the snow :)..(instead of now getting stuck in the office :D)

Suspended Animation said...

As one of your many stalkers I find it incredibly difficult to write you...with that said I have come to ask advice. I want to be able to do sets of pull-ups and am asking you what training process you went through to achieve your success. Did you get to the point that you could do 200 push ups prior to trying pull ups? I am clueless. I run and just completed my first marathon in Memphis last weekend. Now would be a great time for me to focus on some weight training and I would appreciate any advice you are willing to share.

Julie B said...

Yes, Susan. Just move in :) You and your pup!

Karen, why on earth do you find it difficult to write to me? I am an open book. Have you done any upper body lifting? If you are starting as a beginner I'd suggest full body workouts 1-2 days a week first. Let your body get accustomed to the weights before you begin to train seperate muscle groups. Can you do a push up? Feel free to email me at julberg6@aol.com and tell me where you are now in upper body fitness. Congratulations on your marathon. Be proud!! Enjoy your accomplishment. PLEASE don't find it difficult to write to me, OK?