Sunday, March 23, 2008

From Sand Running to Snow Shoe Running!

I had a fabulous vacation in Texas. The boys and I flew out of Minneapolis last Friday at 32F. We landed in Harlingen, TX 3 hours later at 102F. Heaven.

The whole week was wonderful. High temperatures were never lower than 85 and the lowest low was 49. Oh yeah. I loved every minute.

To be able to run without pants, without a jacket, without hat, mittens, snowshoes or gloves. What a treat! To pull on a pair of shorts, a run bra and head out to greet the morning darkness and watch the sun rise..spectacular.

What a difference a three hour plane ride can make!

Mom and Dad winter in a retirement community. Since we were last there, a few years ago, the association has upgraded the pool area by enlarging the pool, adding bathrooms and showers, lockers and an awesome hot tub. We spent a lot of time there. We also did a lot of shuffleing. There are 48 shuffle board courts, the 'olds' as Troy calls them, are playing shuffle all of the time. They also golf, play bridge, have a Spanish class, a yoga class, line dancing, ball room dancing; there is always something to do. I can see why Mom and Dad love it so. If they were still spending winters in Virginia, MN, they would be curled up on the couch at 6 PM when it is dark and watching TV. In Texas at 6 PM they are out and about, enj0ying the TX winter. What a concept. They will head back to Minnesota in three weeks. Hopefully the snow will be gone by then...

Padre Island was incredible. The winds were high, the waves were huge. We spent a great deal of time in the ocean, riding the waves. Troy made sure we visited the Sea Turtle care center. We learned all about the Sea Turtles. Troy has two Box Turtles, so was very interested.

Each morning I ran 12 miles before the boys awoke. It didn't take any time to acclimate to the heat. It felt so wonderful. I am such a summer person. Beach running is much easier than running in snowshoes! 12 miles on the beach took me a good 30 minutes less than 12 miles through the snow.

Our plane going back to Mpls. was delayed an hour, due to de-icing before departing for TX. Minnepolis was under a snow advisory. Joy. We landed in Minneapolis on Friday night, at 1045 PM. By the time we finally arrived to Big Lake it was 1 AM, due to the snow and bad driving conditions.

Topaz about had a heart attack when I walked through the door. He was pretty darn excited to run Saturday morning. 20 miles, through the snow, on snowshoes. I couldn't help thinking that yesterday at that time I was running 12 in the delightful warm ocean air. Back to reality!

Today was 20 more miles through the snow on the snowshoes. It snowed again last night.

It's nice to be home, but it was wonderful to be on vacation!


Kim said...

Glad you and the boys had such a fun time... you scared the heck out of me, when I read Topaz had a heart attack.... i paused for a moment, then realized your other baby didn't go along... I'll bet he was so glad his momma was home.

olga said...

Welcome home, snow and all:)

Tom said...

the beach is so great, glad you and the boys had a good time.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

beach running? maybe you should try the MDS next year!!!
you look beautiful!