Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Long Runs: The Ones I Love

Yesterday was Troy's day. I began the day with my 30 minute interval session on the treadmill then showered and readied for the day. I had the morning off to serve cake to Troy's first hour at school (a tradition each year, since Tyler was in Kindergarten), and then to take Tyler to his appointment with the surgeon. I didn't have to be to work until 1130.

When I asked Troy what he would like for his birthday breakfast he told me Belgian waffles. I began to mix them up before I woke he and Tyler for school. I placed Troy's big turtle birthday cake on the kitchen table; he hadn't seen it yet. I then placed his birthday present next to it.

When Tyler and Troy came down for breakfast they were pretty pumped. It isn't often that they get Mom's homemade Beligan waffles for breakfast. Usually it is steel cut oats and fruit. I hadn't told Tyler what I purchased for Troy, so he was a bit anxious to find out as well.

Troy absolutely loved the turtle cake. So much in fact, that instead of having me make his favorite banana split cake for the friend party today, he asked if I could order another turtle cake. I told him I'd try.

They ate their waffles and Troy opened his present. A Nintendo Wii! Tyler was as excited as Troy. They couldn't believe that Troy was so lucky. I loved seeing how excited they were.

I dropped the boys off at school and then hit the gym for 45 minutes of bicep/tricep work. Then off to the bakery to see about turtle cake #2. She told me it was no problem, she'd have one ready for me on Saturday. Good deal.

Picked Tyler up at school and we went to the surgeon. Good news. Tyler's infection is all gone, he still has an 8" abscess on his colon, but the tissue looks stronger than previous. He won't have to reconstruct the colon as we worried about. Tyler will probably have surgery to remove whatever is left of the appendix in August; after baseball, before football and school begin. I'm hoping I can schedule it the first week of August, before we head to Colorado for Leadville 100 (insert scary music here).

Back to work, uneventful, then home to find Tyler and Troy playing the Wii. Off to run 8 miles on the trail with Topaz before birthday dinner with the family at Troy's choice: Champps of course.

Today was a 40 miler. I didn't quite know how it was going to fit in, but I did. Troy's birthday party began at 3:00 today. I still had to pick up the cake and a few other items. The boys were going to ice fish this morning with Steve, wouldn't be home until 1, they would be busy, so I left before sunrise.

The trail has a packed base of about 6" of snow, with a new 2" snowfall we received on Thursday. It isn't tough to run 6-8 miles upon, but I thought 40 could be a challenge! It was.

I began at 430, flashlight in hand, listening to all the weird sounds of the woods. Everything is louder in the darkness! There were no new people tracks on the trail since I had run it on Thursday and Friday, other than Topaz's and my own. We ran two of the 5 miles loops, then headed off to the lake when the sun rose. I don't know that lake/meadow area as well as the loop, so I didn't want to venture out there in the dark.

After 15 miles went by I realized this is where I hit my zone. After 15 miles, I feel like I could run forever. Now, this is a slower, 9-10 minute mile run on easy trail. This isn't hard hills, fast tempo or anything. At a relaxing pace I just enjoy myself so much after 15 miles. Topaz does too. After 15-20 miles he begins to circle out farther from me, tearing down side trails, stirring up birds, deer and coyotes.

After 25 miles I was out of Heed. We headed back to the car, along a gravel road where the snow was almost all melted off of. It felt really nice to get out of the snow and all of the slipping and sliding I was doing. Back to the car at 30 miles, refilled Heed and headed out for the final 10. I was beginning to feel tired, ran upon the gravel for another 5 miles and then hit the trail for one final circle. Still, nobody else had been out there. Such a nice morning, and no people traffic. I love it!

I felt at peace. I felt like I could take on anything. I felt calm. I felt ready for Troy's birthday party!

I was finished by 1230 and feeling fine. A bit hungry, but that would have to wait. I hopped into the shower, then off to pick up the cake, the Papa Murphys Pizza and items for smores and candy bags. The woman at Target asked me if I was buying candy for a fundraiser. Um, no, I just have a candy addiction and am buying like the kids to do, for a birthday party. Oops. Back home before the first arrival at 300.

Troy's plan is to slide outside, have a bon fire with smores and hotdogs, pizza and cake later and lots of Wii.

I used to cringe when it was birthday party time. I thought about all the boys, all the mess, all the noise, no sleep for me, whine whine whine. Then I realized how quickly time was passing. These parties are once a year, I can certainly put up with that. I decided to have fun! Slide with the boys, enjoy the party. Tyler stopped having friend birthday parties at 12, I suppose this could be Troy's last. I better enjoy it!

If I don't get any sleep tonight, oh well. I have a 20 miler I'd like to get in tomorrow. I can always begin at 3 AM and be finished by 7. I suppose the boys won't make it upstairs for the Belgian waffles (yes, he picked that out for tomorrow too!) until 10:00. I asked the parents to pick up the boys by 12.

Off to catch up with the boys outside. Geeze. Topaz is running like a crazy dog up and down the hill while they are sliding. I may have to bring him in and make him rest :)

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Aimee said...

Hi Julie. I'm a pretty new reader to your blog. What do you for your arms that lasts for 45 minutes? I'm going to start a Couch to 5K program (to get into running) in a few weeks after my vacation. I'm getting married in October and definitely need to tone up my arms!