Saturday, November 22, 2008

Birthday Fun Run

Today a group of about 15 of us celebrated the birthday of three friends. Duke, Nancy and Pierre were the celebrities of the day.

A smaller group of us began the celebration at Afton State Park at 830 for a few hours of running through the woods. It snowed a bit last night so we were able to run upon a light dusting of the white stuff; just enough to make the leaves slippery.

John, Eve, Duke, Tom, Don, Pierre and I headed out. I spent the first hour running with Tom, Don and Pierre. Before I knew it I was running with John, Eve and Duke-wondering how I had ended up with this fast group. As they were charging full bore up a hill I turned around, looking back for my slower group, but didn't see them. I yelled up front that the fearsome threesome had extra baggage along with them and would have to slow down. They laughed and slowed down considerably for me.

On a recovered good day I can't keep up with this group so 1 week post 100 I certainly can't! We had a great time as John took us through the deer paths, up and down the ravine, over and under the fallen trees. I was sweating as hard as I was breathing as I was telling Eve about Javelina. After a few hours Duke and I headed back to the Visitor Center to meet the rest of the group as John and Eve went on for a longer run. What a great way to start the day!

Back at the Center we celebrated the Birthday's with laughs, gifts and food.

As I pulled on my jacket and waved goodbye to everyone, Eve stated: Congratulations to Julie on her run. Let's all clap for her! All of a sudden, the Center was full of the noise of clapping hands. All of my friends-clapping for and congratulating me on Javelina Jundred. Isn't that something? I stood there, with my mouth open, unable to quite believe it.

What an awesome group of friends.

Hard to believe that one week ago, right now, I was running through the desert, at 87F. Today I am running through the snow, at 22F. I was only able to shoot one picture and it came out as a movie. The camera batteries don't like 'cold' temperatures!

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Bob - said...

Sounds like a great group Julie!! but umm Burrrrr :-) my FL candy ass would be bundled up like the Michelin Man -lol

OK so we need to talk!! I am not sure why but my Flatlander butt is thinking about Leadville--Yikes maybe not this year but the I am for some crazy reason attracted to the mountains! I read your Leadville report, great re-cap had me teared up a bit, that does seem like such a special event...

Ok now I am going to read your Superior Sawtooth 102.6 Mile Trail Run: Bad Ass report...I am sure you will attract me to this one also now- LOL