Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fully Caffeinated or Surf the Murph 50K or AwardFest

So many much time..

I am fully caffeinated as I sit here in front of my computer at 10PM. Hmmm, usually my bedtime on a Saturday night.

Today was too much fun to put to rest.

First off, Tyler's appendectomy went text book perfect on Thursday. Dr. Johnson removed the appendix via laproscope and was able to fix his hernia the same way. He has three small incisions that are giving him absolutely no pain. He has a very high tolerance for pain .. I wonder who he gets that from?

Tyler spent Thursday night in the hospital, resting. He didn't need to take any hits of his morphine and I haven't filled his Oxycontin prescription.

I asked him to call my cell as soon as he woke this morning, as he insisted I run Surph the Murph 50K and attend the UMTR AwardsFest. Sure enough, after the second loop I went to my car and on my cell was "Hi Mom. I'm fine. I slept well. No, I don't have pain. No, I didn't take any Advil. Yes, I peed. Yes, I ate breakfast. Now finish your run and have fun. See you tonight."

He knows me so well :)

The Surph the Murph 50K was a blast. I left the house by 430 so I wouldn't be late this time. Les had a Fat Ass 50K out here last year and I began the race a half hour late. Not so today. I even had 20 minutes to spare.

The weather was spectacular. A frosty start, but the afternoon was sunny and 50's. Beautiful. The course was gorgeous. Rolling hills, one after another, wide leaf covered trail with a few hidden rocks. Lovely.

There were 71 runners and this inaugural event! 2/3 of the runners were 50K and 1/3 25K, is what I believe, I heard. Les and Cindy did a great job of organizing and setting up the race.

I began near the back of the pack. With Javelina Jundred only 2 weeks out my plan was a last long training run. Slow and easy. I stuck to my plan. I ran the first hour with Jefferey. I haven't seen him much lately, so we had plenty to catch up on. At the 5.5 mile mark Jeff took a pit stop and I didn't see him again until the party tonight. I ran pretty much the rest of the race solo.

During the 50K I had 3 Hammergel and 3 bottles of water. I had no appetite, I wasn't very thirsty, I ran pretty easy.

I finished in 6:10; 3rd woman. Thanks for the fun, Les and Cindy!

After I finished I called home, all was well. I watched Dave, Pierre and Carl finish. We hung out and told stories. Pretty soon Maria came in, we packed up and headed to her home for a shower for the UMTR AwardFest.

By 400 we were at the site-setting up. We had a great turnout! There were 70 RSPV's. I'm not sure how many were actually in attendance. We advertised the party as potluck. There was something of everything-and lots of veggies and dips, salads; I was very happy with the array of healthy choices! Good stuff.

John did a great job MCing the party, the awards were great, the film was fun, the company was top notch. It was just a great night.

I went home with an award for the Afton 50K UMTR Championship Race Woman's Master and the UMTR Fab 5 50's Trail Series Woman's Master.

A very fun time, indeed. Now if I could only decaffeinate..and get some rest. Topaz and I have a run scheduled in the morning :)


Helen said...

Julie Berg I can't believe you have another 100 miler coming up!!! I thought I was bad signing up for a 100k before the end of the year :)

Hope you're feeling good for it. Sounds like a fun race. Will be in AZ myself the following weekend for IM. Nice time of year to be racing down there!

SteveQ said...

I see Nigel Finney signed up for Javelina - I've never met him, but tell him I enjoy his hill at Afton.
And say hi to Michelle Barton for me...

Ronda said...

Awesome Julie, your son sounds like he is a fine young man, strong and steady. Glad everything went well.

Congrats on another great run

kelly said...

Congrats on a great run. I am glad that your son is doing well, too. Good luck in the 100!