Friday, February 27, 2009

It Has Me!

The flu bug, that it. It totally stung me and hit me like a truck. For three full days I have laid in bed, sweating profusely with a fever of 103.6, then a teeth chattering, body shaking chill that I can't warm up . Vomit and diarrhea exuding my orifices on an hourly basis. It's that bad.

I missed multiple runs, many lifts, three days of work, meetings, meals, house cleaning, etc. to lay in bed in pain and agony.

The poor boys! They would come into my bedroom to talk, sit upon my bed, only to be chased out by the horrific odor exuding my body. Topaz and Toffee didn't mind. They laid with me for three days upon my bed. Toffee really does sleep 22 hours a day.

This morning it all changed. I opened my eyes and it took a few minutes to realize I wasn't laying in stack of wet sheets, I wasn't shaking the chill out of my bones. I had slept all night without stumbling into my bathroom. Oh my gosh, can it be? The flu that had me has now let go!

I'll take a shower, I'll go to work, I'll prepare for Troy's birthday celebration, I'll scrub my bedroom and bathroom with disinfectant and catch up on the housecleaning. I'll even go to Afton tomorrow to visit with my friends. I may not snowshoe..I am incredibly weak..but I will attend the pot luck at 1030 for sure.

I hope the flu doesn't get you. It bites.


Shelly said...

Glad you are feeling better!

David Ray said...

That sounds like hell on earth. Here's hoping for a healthy, quick return to the trails.