Saturday, February 21, 2009

Strappin' on the Snowshoes

After scoping out a 50 mile run route last week I was really looking forward to a non snowshoe run. That's what I get for hoping! We received about 3.5" of snow last night. Although it looks beautiful I really wasn't looking forward to 50 miles on snowshoes..again.

I kept reminding myself that I actually had fun last year during my 50 mile snowshoe run and it was going to be warmer today than it was when I did this last year.

Topaz and I headed out at 4 into the crisp cold air. I decided to stay off of the snowmobile trails, I could hear the snowmobiles in the distance even at this early hour. Instead I drove over to Blue Hill Trail to forge yet another path through the woods.

Flashlight in hand, running down the trail, I realized the snow had made the trail much nicer to run than it had been earlier in the week. The ice had been hazardous. Now there was a few inches of fluff over the ice and as long as I was in snowshoes the surface was fine.

I kept thinking about the two bear that I had seen earlier this winter. Eventually I decided there was no reason in fearing something that I couldn't see and probably wasn't even there.

A few grouse freaked Topaz and I out and they ruffled near the trail, sounding loud and strange so closely to us. While we were running the gravel road 18 deer crossed in front of us, what a sight!

As daylight began to dawn the sky began to run a gorgeous rose/purple. The snow had a pink reflection upon it. Beautiful!

The hours ticked by and not another soul was on the trail. I couldn't believe I didn't see tracks from anyone else. It was a lovely day and no one was out in the woods enjoying it. Lucky me!

Topaz began to roll in the snow as the temperature warmed into the high teens, chewing on the snow and chasing after the rabbits. I was able to get him to take in some water each time we went back to the car.

We left the trail and ran some of the gravel road, now covered in snow and good for snowshoeing; out across the lake and back.

51.8 miles, 2 gallons of water, 11 gels and a 2 Cappuccino Optimum Nutrition protein shakes later we headed back home. Me for a hot shower and Topaz to curl up near the fireplace.

I'm tired..I believe I will sleep well :)


David Ray said...

Still running in the snow! Sounds like a great time.

SteveQ said...

You're making me look lazy yet again!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing and very inspiring!!! How long did that run take you?

Sarah P.