Tuesday, April 07, 2009

McNaughton Park 100 Mile Trail Run for FUN

5 Day Taper: McNaughton Park 100 Mile Trail Run

Here it is already, the week of the McNaughton Park Trail Runs. When Andy first began this race 6 or 7 years ago there was a 10, 30 and 50 mile option (I believe). The next year he offered a 100 mile option. Pretty soon he dropped the 10 and 30 and offered a 50, 100 and 150. Yes, 150! There are over 60 people entered in the 150 this year and like 80 in the 100. Amazing!

I’ve run McNaughton 100 4 times. I've won the woman’s race 3 times, but with my fastest time on the course I came in third. It always seems to depend on the conditions of the course. Rainy and muddy, I place higher; dry and fast, I place lower. This will be my 5th and final. Andy has moved from Pekin, IL to Vermont so the future races will be held in Vermont.

The course is held at the McNaughton Park, just out of Pekin, on a 10 mile wooded loop. I always enjoy the race, it is a nice way to kick off the running season. Nothing like kicking it off with a 100 miler when I haven’t had a chance to run fast on trail. All winter I am on snowshoes, moving rather slowly! I took the snowshoes off a few weeks ago. For this reason McNaughton is usually my slowest 100 of the year, even though the course isn’t the most difficult, it is just early in the season!

This year McNaughton again falls on Easter weekend. It has once in the past as well. This year it also falls on the weekend of the inaugural Zumbro 100 Mile Race, near Rochester. In the future I’ll be running Zumbro.

I began a taper yesterday. I am not waking up at 4 AM to run my AM treadmill run. I am still running the trail after work with Topaz, albeit a bit shorter than usual and getting the lifting in. My weight will increase by more than a few pounds as the glycogen stores fill and I add another carb meal to my daily diet.

When I spoke with Tony last week about my diet and bbing he told me ‘stop losing weight!’ I can’t say that I have heard that before!! He told me to hold steady, focusing more on the gaining of .25-.40 pound of muscle every 6 weeks. I told him with the McNaughton Taper this week I wouldn’t be losing anything! 12 weeks out from the show I’ll again focus on losing fat. The only other changes made in my diet are fish oil caps-increasing by quite a bit and trying glutamine for sugar cravings. I add glutamine to my protein shakes, now will be trying for my sugar cravings as well.

I’ll be heading out Friday morning, I have decided to spend the night in my car at the race start. Last year I had reservations at the hotel from hell and ended up sleeping in my car anyway at the start. It was quiet and comfy. I’ll head out Sunday after the race and arrive home early in the evening for a left over Easter meal.

I don’t have a goal time for this race; I typically finish in 27-29 hours and that is just fine with me. There is a 36 hour time limit if necessary.

Woohoo!! Off to McNaughton Park.


Olga said...

Have the best of times for the last outing on this race!

Steve said...

Best of luck, Julie, and most importantly, have fun!

Mary said...

Wow....100 miles....you rock..have fun this weekend! (I just ran my first half marathon last fall and I bow at your feet!)

David Ray said...

Good luck and enjoy the race!!

Travis said...

looking forward to seeing you. It's been a while. Looks like rain the night before so who knows what we will get. If its not much rain we will be ok, if not bring on the slop! Safe travels!

Kel said...

Wow! I didn't know McNaughton was a wrap after this year :(

I had actually added it to my short list of potential first 50 milers because of the generous cut offs, but I won't even be ready for that until about 2 years from now.

Have a great run Julie!

Londell said...

Good luck... You will be great again, I am sure.

Matthew Patten said...

Will this be a 3 peat?

Best of luck.

SteveQ said...

We at Zumbro will be thinking of you! Best of luck.

dirt_trail_runner said...

good luck, julie.

one note: this is the last year andy will be directing but it's not necessarily the last year of the race itself. we shall see.

maybe i'll see you on the trail.

Helen said...

Good Luck Julie! Have fun.

Anonymous said...

"When I spoke with Tony last week about my diet and bbing he told me ‘stop losing weight!’"

Very relieved to hear this!