Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Women's Boot Camp

MDRA (Minnesota Distance Running Association). Last year I co-coached the Beginning Woman’s Run Group for the first time and absolutely loved it. I felt honored when Kathy called me this winter to ask me if I’d be interested in co-coaching a Woman’s Boot camp this spring.

We begin our class in Edina tomorrow night; 6-730. It is a boot camp for women-we’ll have a group for newbees: never run a step; wannabees: run occasionally, but have never gotten past a slow jog and gottabees: have run and raced but want to improve speed. We’ll meet for 8 weeks. Each session consists of a 30-45 minute workout and a speaker giving a brief talk. We are even taking a field trip to TC Running Co. I'll be bringing some cash along for that trip.

If you are interested you may show up at the Edina Community Center at 6 PM tomorrow. You can register on the spot! We have 29 registered so far and would love to have you :)

I can't wait!

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