Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Cake Slice: Marbled Lemon-Blueberry Butter Cake

This month we voted for the Marbled Lemon-Blueberry Butter Cake. I find that the flavor of blueberry and lemon go very well together. Last year was the first time that I combined the two flavors, in Dories Blueberry Pie. Since then, I have created many recipes using the combination of flavors. Very tasty. After tasting a slice of Troy's cake this month, I gave it to Steve to bring to work. It was just too good to have laying around the house. Very dangerous for me. There isn't even any chocolate. What's up with that?

The lemon butter cream frosting is fabulous. I did add a bit of lemon extract to the frosting-it was just too buttery without. The homemade blueberry jam in between the layers is wonderful. The butter cake delivers a very tight crumb. Yum all the way through.

I think I will try this with the raspberries that I picked last week. I think raspberry/lemon would be tasty as well and I have a get together that I could bring it to.

I will decorate the top of the next one a bit more with the raspberries. In looking at the other blogs/cakes I just can't get over how beautiful they make them look!

You can check here for other cakes and here for the recipe.

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Monica H said...

Great job on your cake! I thought this cake so so so good!

You're so right about other berries mixing well with the lemon. I might have to give that a try!

Caroline said...

I liked this cake alot but now you're making me want to try this cake with other berries. hmmm.