Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Running With The Boys

I normally perform my speed work on Tuesdays. I know, Jenn Shelton would disapprove that I run upon a schedule. However, since running Voyager 50 Mile Trail Run on Saturday I thought I'd skip it this week, if necessary.

Yesterday I was still a bit tight in the calves so thought I'd pass. Today while running with Topaz for our morning 5 I was feeling real good and decided I'd go for a speed workout today. I had the mind battle going on: you may be tired from V, therefore a crappy speed workout, that will crush your ego and make you sad; yes, but any speed work is better than none, just go give it a whirl and see how it goes. OK. You win.

Off I went.

I was surprised to see action at the track. The 3rd and 4th graders were on the football field practicing and the Strength and Training workouts were taking place on the track. I recognized many of the guys as Tyler's friends. I stood around, watching, then heard hellos and how ya doing Julie. I'm fine, came for my track workout, how long will you guys be? Oh, about an hour. Dang, I was thinking to myself. Oh well. I sat down and watched a bit. Pretty soon a real good friend of Tyler's yelled to the Coach "Can Julie Berg run on Lane 8, we aren't using it" Coach said "Why don't you move over and give her Lane 1" Sweet!

In speaking with Coach I realized S&T work outs are scheduled on M,W,F; I'm usually at the track on Tuesday, that is why I haven't seen them out there before. He told me he had no problem being there and was welcome to work alongside with them. I then was reminded that he graduated from Proctor. I remembered Scott Jurek graduated from Proctor. Bingo! He ran with him on the track team. Small World.

So, the workout was fabulous. I'm so shocked. I ran 800s again with the thought that I could quit at any time but on the other hand I would then feel my ego deflate so I thought I'd try to hang it and it would be OK if I were slower than last week. I wasn't! I can't believe I wasn't tired or slower with the race on Saturday. What is up? I ran a 1 mile warm up, (being sure to tell the boys it was a warm up) and a 1 mile cool down (they were already gone) and 8x800. My fastest was #3 at 327 and slowest #5 at 345! I'll take it.

Having other people on the track really helped. I was thrilled! It was a great workout and it is amazing how it makes everything well within the world for me this afternoon. Makes me want to set a goal time at Lean Horse. Isn't it funny how a good workout can make everything dandy.

The scrambled tofu I had post run #1 may have helped as well! I'll have to post a picture/recipe. My first try with tofu and I loved it. It was so good I think I'll eat the leftovers in a wrap this afternoon.

From now on I believe I will be hitting the track on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

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SteveQ said...

Good to hear you're enjoying the track. As a track guy, however, I should point out that you should avoid lane 1 as much as possible, to save wear and tear on the surface (resurfacing synthetic is about $250000).