Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Out for an Adventure...Lean Horse 100 Mile Trail Run

..To Lean Horse 100 Mile Trail Run in Hot Springs, South Dakota.

Tomorrow at 5 AM the adventure begins and I can't wait! I just packed my drop bags, my gear, my food, I'm ready.

Almost a week with great friends doing great things!

Myself, Alicia, Tom and Nancy will be adventure-mates for the week. Tom is pacing Alicia who is running the 100, I'll be running the 100 and Nancy will be crew chief for Alicia and probably at times for me too, as the course is an out and back.

I took a peek at the forecast for race day: 90F Saturday 10% rain and 93F Sunday with 30% rain. Not too shabby.

A big cheers to all of the runners running Lean Horse and of course, Leadville this Saturday. Ah, Leadville. A part of me would like to have been back there this year but that will take place for me next year. So many races, so little time...

Back Monday evening !


Olga said...

Good luck, Julie!!!

johnmaas said...

Have a great run at Lean Horse, Julie!!
Can't wait to hear how everyone does.

Anonymous said...

Good luck - have an awesome run!