Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's A Wrap

I've wrapped up my training for Lean Horse 100 Mile Trail Run. Last week I had real strong workouts; my track workout was faster, my tempo run was quicker, my hills were stronger and my long run was a piece of cake.

I haven't run tempo runs in past training. For the last 6 weeks I've been running a 10 mile tempo run which began at a 815 minute mile average 6 weeks ago and ended at a 748 minute mile average last week. I like that! My heart rate average began at 173 during each session and ended at an average of 168.

For hills I went to Powder Ridge as there was road construction heading East into the Twin Cities over the weekend, I didn't want to bother with that. I was able to run 8 hours of the ski hill and the tubing hill for variation. As I was leaving I was told by the caretaker that I was welcome to come and run the hills any time during the summer. I haven't seen a caretaker out there at all when I have run hills in the past. I was happy he wasn't there to tell me I was trespassing. I was glad to have finished my workout before the thunder and lightening storm hit as I was driving home.

Sunday was my final long run. I slept in, not reaching the trail until 630. With the later start I knew Topaz would become too warm to get in a full 40 miles so I decided to run 20 with him on trail and finish up on my own later. With the recent rains a few of the ponds where he likes to lay had adequate water for him to drink and soak. We ran 20 miles and then headed for home.

I changed out of my Inov 8s into my Ascis road shoes, mixed up some Heed, grabbed some gels and left him at the door. He screamed in agony as I went running down the driveway. Poor pup. He just couldn't understand that he would become too warm running 40 miles at 80F.

The road run went very well. I left my iPod at home, wanting to visualize/meditate as I ran, practicing some of the Running Within techniques I have been studying. I ran the 6 miles into Big Lake, stopping at Cobornes to refill, off around the lake 2 times, back to Cobornes and then home. Total for road run = 23 miles, trail run = 20 miles. Not a bad day!

As I was nearing home I was wondering what I would do first: eat the steel cut oats that I had in the crock pot or jump into the pool. I didn't realize I had made a decision until I was stripping out of my ishy running clothes and jumping into the refreshing pool. Ah, how wonderful! The oats post swim tasted pretty wonderful, too.

Today Topaz and I went for our final summer vacation morning trail run. My 8 weeks of summer vacation has come to an end. Tomorrow I head back to work. It's been a wonderful summer but summer vacation can't last forever. It will be nice to have a pay check again :)

Now I need to formulate my new workout schedule between the boys fall sports, school and working. The first few weeks are always take a bit of getting used to.


SteveQ said...

My feeling good about my Saturday hill workout just ended with hearing what you've accomplished. Those tempo runs are really going to come in handy at Lean Horse!

Helen said...

The next time someone calls me a machine I am directing them here!!

Nice training lady. Now enjoy the taper. See you in SD - it will be fun :)

John W. Taylor said...

Enjoyed reading your blog.

Sounds like you're going to have a great LeanHorse!!! Have FUN!!!


John Taylor

Cheryl said...

Hi Julie,

I just wanted to let you know that I used your foot potion during the Half-Wit Half Marathon today. I have to say that it was the hardest trail race I've EVER done. Heck it was the hardest race I've ever done period!!!

I really thought I was getting blisters because of the rough terrain but when I took off my socks, I had some sore spots but no blisters! Thanks for having such a great product!

Cheryl Jack

Julie B said...

Congratulations, Cheryl!! I'm glad the Foot Potion did its job :)