Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to Hyland's Ski Hills

Yesterday Steve coerced my brother in law and the remainder of his pool team to help tear off and re shingle our home. They are still at it today. Troy had friends over and Tyler was working a long day shift. With everyone tied up it looked like a good day for a hard workout.

I decided to head for the hills. Javelina is 6 weeks out and I haven't been to the hill since I ran Lean Horse 4 weeks ago. Time to get back at it!

I reached Hyland in the early dark morning. I strapped on my headlamp and looked for the hill I wanted. I actually saw another headlamp in the dark. I found an open gate and headed for the ski hill. Cooler with three gallons of heed, my iPod, iPhone a few gels and I was all set.

Warmed up running the hilly path for a few miles and then planted myself at the hill. My plan was to run 20 hill repeats, run a few miles on the hilly path, repeat, repeat again. I was looking for at least 18 miles.

Eventually the sun came up, a spectacular sunrise and I took off my headlamp and replaced it with my sunglasses. It was going to be a beautiful, warm day. We've had a stretch of 80's for the past two weeks. Amazing.

After 20 repeats I ran a few miles on the path to stretch my legs and noticed a half dozen of other runners out on the hills.

As I continued my repeats I noticed a man coming toward me and flailing his arms back and forth. I took out an ear but and listened to him. "BE SURE YOU DON'T RUN THE WORN PATH, THEY WON'T LET US OUT HERE IF WE ERODE IT" I explained that I had in fact read the sign that stated just what he said and showed him that I was not running on the worn path. Hello. I continued on.

He continued to let everyone know upon the hill that they should not run on the worn though they could not read the sign that said exactly that. About an hour later he came up to me AGAIN, flailing arms in the air and told me again "YOU BETTER STAY OFF THE WORN PATH OR THEY WON'T LET US USE IT ANYMORE" I looked at him and nodded. Yeah, whatever. See, I'm on the grass, dude.

Finally, the third time that he approached me I took out my ear buds and said DUDE. I GET IT. YOU'VE TOLD ME THREE TIMES. HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT? I AM WEARING THE SAME CLOTHES, I'VE BEEN HERE FOR 4 HOURS SO FAR AND YOU TELL ME EVERY HOUR" Oh, he said..and walked off..

Pretty soon I notice the man with the flailing arms and loud yelling voice with a group of 30 people with poles. He is instructing them, guiding them up a less steep hill, over and over again. I don't think he needs to worry about the single runners out there eroding the path..he needs to worry about his own class and the fact that IT may be cancelled if they continue to erode the path. Sheesh.

By the time I finished all my repeats and hilly runs in between I had 25 miles in. I ran a 2 mile cool down, finished the last of my three gallons of heed and called it a day.

Until I arrived home and saw it was 75 degrees, cool enough to take Topaz for a short run! We went out for 8 miles and my calves let me know that they had enough of this business.

I returned home, showered, took the boys to play miniature golf..I won..and cooked up the roof crew a nice dinner.

Today Topaz and I ran 15 miles on the trail and by mile 11 my calves were again letting me know that they were just about finished. We walked over to the river so a good soak and jogged back to the car.

Today the guys are getting a less fussy meal..sloppy joes that I just placed into the crock pot.

Now I need to get off to the grocery store to restock my kitchen.


SteveQ said...

The eight miles with the dog was more than I did, much less 25 miles of hills beforehand!

Steve said...

Haha, gotta love hypocrites like that.

How was the construction out there. Last I was out there a month or so ago they had the top part all torn up. I know I need to hit the hills hard again after Sawtooth. I really want that red jacket. Good luck at Javelina!

Shelly said...

I am a stay at home mom training for a marathon and I am wondering how you get everything done. I am really struggling with time and balancing life, family, sleep, running, etc. Any helpful tips would be appreciated! I really admire you for all that you have accomplished!

Helen said...

Hilarious Julie! Though I would have run out of patience on round #2 :)

Nice work on the hills - you will be in great shape for Javelina. I have a feeling we might be hearing about another PR!!