Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Thank You!

Wow. Thank you for all of the kind comments. I had no idea that my last post would have so many of you posting comments and sending emails. I appreciate it very very much. I love that I am able to inspire so many of you. THIS is why I blog!

When I first began running I didn't have a blog to follow or another 'real' live person to inspire me. I didn't know any runners. I read all that I could about running and eventually began to plan a race a month, a 5K or 10K, so that I would have a reason to run every day.

Now there are many many runners who have blogs out in cyberspace, and I'm sure, many to draw inspiration from. I'm grateful that I am able to inspire some of you.

My recovery from Lean Horse has been absolutely amazing. For two days following the race I was absolutely sick to my stomach. On Sunday all that I could get down was a piece of dry toast. On Monday was able to get down some trail mix but that is it. I did drink a ton of water. My brain told me to eat or drink a good recovery meal but my stomach said no, no! I went with my stomach.

Because I ate next to nothing I thought that my recovery would suffer. This didn't happen at all. I didn't have any muscle soreness, I had absolutely NO swelling, NO bloat. Amazing! I am normally a good 10 pounds heavier post 100 but not this time. I weighed exactly what I weighed before the race as after the race. Amazing again. I walked on Tuesday but on Wednesday I was running again.

Normally after a 100 I suffer from an intense, itchy, dry skin. My skin begins to flake on my face, eventually covering my whole body. I imagine this is due to dehydration. After this race I only suffered a bit of flaking upon my face, otherwise I was clear. I did a dry brush to cleanse the toxins for my sking but there was hardly any dry skin from the post race recovery. Amazing.

I wonder if all of the nutrients/moisture in the high raw/all vegan diet are making this difference in my skin..or if my body has just adapted to the 100 mile runs, making recovery easier.

I'm looking forward to Javelina Jundred! This year the race is held on Halloween. I see Caballo Blanco (Born to Run) is listed. In communicating with Jamil (RD JJ), I learned that Jamil has run with the Tarahumara Indians in Copper Canyon. Now Micah True is coming to run Javelina Jundred.

Have a great day!

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