Sunday, August 01, 2010

Lake Maria Trail Run

This morning Topaz and I headed off for Lake Maria State Park, just out of Monticello. I really enjoy running here. There aren't any people, there is an abundance of wildlife, plenty of water for Topaz to lay in and drink from. It's just a great place for a run.

The main trails are dirt, some crushed rock, no roots to speak of. It is not your Superior Hiking Trail, sad, but true. There is only one! Speaking of which, I will be heading up there next weekend for a run and I can't wait. I haven't been up on the SHT yet this summer.

Most of the grade here is rolling hills, lots of thick forests of maple and oak, some open areas. There are secondary trails that are grass-more like the deer trails at Afton State Park. I tend to become lost when I run upon those! I'll navigate them in the winter when I have on my snowshoes and can always come back the way I came :)

There are huge signs along the main trail that I can actually understand. I love that!

Today we spotted 6 deer, two of which were small fawn, three bald eagles, 1 fox and a wolf. Oh, and a huge group of turkeys..they flew up into the air as we rounded a corner, scaring the heck out of us. I screamed and Topaz cowered. It reminded me of the bird in the tree along the SHT, Beta Run, where I hit behind Pierre's leg!

Good times.


Olga said...

Jul, can you shoot me an meail, please? I think yours I have is from school and not sure if it's active in the summer.

Julie B said...

Will do! I do not answer my work email during the summer..for only two more weeks :(

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